2010/08/17 Tuna/Yellow Tail

My husband’s friend got a big tuna from fishing trip and he gave us tuna blocks.

Yellow tail block















I have a lots of shiso leaf from vegetable garden which has bactericidal effect. That’s the reason fish markets sell row fish arranged on shiso leaf in a plastic tray in Japan. It’s so nice shiso leaf in handy.

Shiso leaf















Make sashimi cut/this Tuna sashimi is very fresh and tasty!

Yellow tail sashimi















Simmered Hijiki seaweed
















Today’s pick Japanese cucumber

JP cucumber















Stir-fried dried daikon/with hijiki seaweed

Kiriboshi daikon itame















Tofu avocado salad/with hijiki seaweed topping

Tofu avocado hijiki salad















Today’s dinner

today's dinner




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