What is Soshoku? = Healthy Japanese Cooking

Soshoku (Example) by Wikipedia

Soshoku = Plain (simple) Diet

Since the Kamakura era (1185-1333) in Japan, the word Soshoku(素食) has come to mean “frugal meal” in the Zen temple. A Sample menu is “One soup with one side dish and rice.”

Over time, Soshoku became the general home diet in Japan and led to the establishment as of the traditional Japanese diet.

Now we need to prevent getting diseases associated with the eating habit of western culture. Japanese Soshoku(素食) is recognized as the balanced healthier diet and will help to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Because Soshoku(素食) is low-fat and high-fiber diet which will help followings;

–         To take out the bodily waste, to enhance good blood circulation

–         To enhance the weight loss, to prevent the over weight

–         To lower the blood-sugar level

–         To lower the cholesterol level

–         To lower the blood pressure

–         To lower the level of neutral fat

Original Sample “Soshoku” menu looks like this

One soup/One side dish/cup of rice


Motoko learned that healthy homemade diet is the basic for healthy life from her mother in the course of nature when she grew up with her mother’s healthy homemade diet in Tokyo, Japan.

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Author, Healthy “Soshoku” Cook Book

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2020/05/22 Remake Kimono

I remake Kimono since I need to stay home due to self sheltered. I brought my dad’s & mom’s old kimono from Japan. This is long time project since I have so many kimono, I am so happy finally I could start this project. These are 100% silk, very comfortable to wear.

Dress from mom
s kimono
Blouse from mom’
s kimono
Shawl from mom’s kimono
Blouse from dad’s kimono
Blouse from my 7 years old kimono
Shawl 1
Shawl 2
Dress from mom’s kimono
Blouse from mom’s kimono
Blouse from mom’s kimono

2020/05/14 Vegetable Garden

Spring vegetable garden. I am so grateful for fresh house grown vegetables especially in these days.

Chayote squash
Chayote squash
Japanese pumpkin
Green shiso
Beets & Burdock
Red shiso
Japanese cucumber
Long bean
Fava bean
Japanese eggplant
Mizuna & Green onion
Vegetable garden

2020/03/15 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class in San Francisco and this class is the customer’s girl friend’s birthday gift. Just in case I wear a mask and globe. Both they love sushi and wanted to know how to make sushi. They live in very nice location apartment and can look over nice view. I harvested Trefoil & green onion from my garden. For my surprise, this is the first time I could not find Komatsuna vegetable at Japanese store since everyone buy daily products crazy this Saturday. So I purchased Mizuna instead. They really enjoyed sesame roasting & grinding process since taste and flavor is so different if you roast again even you purchased roasted sesame,

2020/03/08 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class to the couple who got Cozymeal class gift certificate as a wedding gift. They love Japanese cuisine & Japanese culture. For my surprising, they have a cast iron Japanese tea pot which I saw the first time at customer’s house. And they are so nice that they served a cup of Japanese green tea for me. I harvested Trefoil & green onion from my garden. They loved miso soup which made of Trefoil & green onion with home made miso paste & soup stock. Also they loved Komatsuna green with sesame sauce. I shared my vegetable garden photos and we chatted about gardening too since they plan to build vegetable garden raised bed in the backyard.

2020/02/29 Sushi Rice Bowl Class

I taught Sushi Rice Bowl class today. This class was for two couples and they love Japanese food so much. They told that they had dinner @Japanese restaurant last night. They have a Japanese rice mixing wood container as well. They enjoyed sesame roasting part so much and will look for sesame roaster in Amazon. I hope they will find one. They love sesame grinder too.

2020/02/16 Sushi Rice Bowl Class

I taught Sushi Rice Bowl class today. This class is a special since the customer requested menu for one of the attendee who is going through treatment for cancer. Also he requested additional tip for cancer patients. I added green vegetable dish for this patients first but ended up to changed whole menu from tempura & soba noodle class to sushi rice bowl class. They are the 3rd generation of Japanese and they know Japanese cuisine pretty well. Still I could give them many new tips for healthy cooking and eating information and shared short presentation “Why simple diet?” to explain healthy eating. They have nice Japanese dishes such as lacquer bowl with lid and chop stick rest as well. I harvested turnips, green onion and trefoil from my garden. I brought home made miso & pickled plum. We had fun talk about Japanese ingredients and I shared many photos for pickled plum making and vegetable garden.

2020/02/15 Sushi Rice Bowl Class

I taught Sushi Rice Bowl class today. They are a young couple and worked together very well as a team. They enjoyed sesame roasting process which makes very rich sesame flavor. I harvested Turnips, green onion from my garden. We shared hike picture since I hiked in Switzerland and the customer’s family hiked in Peru last year. He showed me amazingly beautiful pictures. So next my hike destination would be Peru.

2020/02/09 The Art of Sushi Class for Vegan

I taught The Art of Sushi class for the customer’s boyfriend’s mom’s birthday & retirement gift. His mom is a vegan so I created special sushi menu for her. It was so windy today that we ended up losing power during cooking class! He prepared candles and flash light. So we are checking the green vegetable color with flash light when boiling. I harvested Turnips, Trefoil and green onion from garden. She wanted to learn how to make sushi roll, so lot’s of preparation for ingredients for sushi roll such as dried mushroom, carrot and trefoil. She really enjoyed making sushi roll and also roasting sesame seeds. They are fun part for today’s class. We had power back towards the end of class and they can enjoy food with the lights.

2020/01/26 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class to the customer & her teenager daughter and son. They love sushi and they eat sushi all the time at the restaurant. Both children are accustomed to cooking and they are pretty good cook. Also the customer is very familiar with Japanese food & ingredients such as Kelp, Bonito so on. She visited Japan for business at least once a year.

I harvested Turnips, Trefoil and green onion from garden. I brought home made miso, pickled plum. I added rope sushi and ball sushi to the menu.

Both teens did amazingly great job and both they are very good cook and they have good developed sense of taste which is known “Umami”. I really enjoyed sharing healthy eating lifestyle today.

2020/01/18 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today. When I get my customer’s place, a big moving track parked in front of the building. When I called my customer, he told me “the movers are loading stuff now, so the door should be open. You can go up stairs.” I went up stairs and met his girl friend and she was moving today! This is the first class I teach on the day who is moving. This is a Xmas gift for the customer’s girl friend and she is moving today during cooking class. So this is very unique setting class, when I ask about something, ” sorry it’s already packed somewhere” But she really wanted to learn how to make sushi and she loves miso soup as well. So she was pretty excited and she really enjoyed class. She felt the difference taste for miso soup from restaurant since I use kelp & dried anchovies for soup stock and use my home made miso. I am so glad she could join my class before she moves.

I harvested Turnips, Trefoil and green onion from my garden.

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