What is Soshoku? = Healthy Japanese Cooking

Soshoku (Example) by Wikipedia

Soshoku = Plain (simple) Diet

Since the Kamakura era (1185-1333) in Japan, the word Soshoku(素食) has come to mean “frugal meal” in the Zen temple. A Sample menu is “One soup with one side dish and rice.”

Over time, Soshoku became the general home diet in Japan and led to the establishment as of the traditional Japanese diet.

Now we need to prevent getting diseases associated with the eating habit of western culture. Japanese Soshoku(素食) is recognized as the balanced healthier diet and will help to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Because Soshoku(素食) is low-fat and high-fiber diet which will help followings;

–         To take out the bodily waste, to enhance good blood circulation

–         To enhance the weight loss, to prevent the over weight

–         To lower the blood-sugar level

–         To lower the cholesterol level

–         To lower the blood pressure

–         To lower the level of neutral fat

Original Sample “Soshoku” menu looks like this

One soup/One side dish/cup of rice


Motoko learned that healthy homemade diet is the basic for healthy life from her mother in the course of nature when she grew up with her mother’s healthy homemade diet in Tokyo, Japan.

Certified Food Protection Manager,

Author, Healthy “Soshoku” Cook Book

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Chef @Cozymeal cooking class

2020/01/18 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today. When I get my customer’s place, a big moving track parked in front of the building. When I called my customer, he told me “the movers are loading stuff now, so the door should be open. You can go up stairs.” I went up stairs and met his girl friend and she was moving today! This is the first class I teach on the day who is moving. This is a Xmas gift for the customer’s girl friend and she is moving today during cooking class. So this is very unique setting class, when I ask about something, ” sorry it’s already packed somewhere” But she really wanted to learn how to make sushi and she loves miso soup as well. So she was pretty excited and she really enjoyed class. She felt the difference taste for miso soup from restaurant since I use kelp & dried anchovies for soup stock and use my home made miso. I am so glad she could join my class before she moves.

I harvested Turnips, Trefoil and green onion from my garden.

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2020/01/11 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class in San Francisco. The class is a X’mas gift from customer to her friend. I harvested Turnips, Trefoil, Green onion from vegetable garden. They are very good team and work together very well. For my surprise, they liked Japanese pickled plum so much. I am so glad they liked it because it is super healthy alkaline food and keep body pH balanced. They love miso soup too which made of home made miso fermented for two years.

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2019/11/17 Japanese Pancake Class

I taught Japanese pancake class today and this class was the guest’s wife’s birthday present. I harvested Green Onion from my garden. They invited wife’s friend to this class too. This is family setting class and their kitchen was very nicely organized. I am so glad they have very good appetite. We cook Japanese pancake with pork & chicken, stir fried noodle with green onion & chicken, and agar-agar dessert. They finished all of them!

They are so sweet, they shared friend’s gift with me, which is very tasty strawberry roll from Japanese market.

JP pancake & noodle
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2019/11/16 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today as the guest’s boy friend’s birthday party. Total 7 people joined class, joking, chatting and laughing very fun class! One of friend enjoyed sesame roasting too much, it started smoking and smog detector alarm went on!

They looks like very enjoyed making sushi, miso soup and green vegetable with sesame.

I harvested Turnips, Trefoil and green onion from my garden in the morning.

Table setting

2019/11/09 Vegetable Garden Tour & Soba Noodle and Tempura

I hosted an Airbnb experience garden tour & Soba noodle and tempura class today. I escorted them to vegetable garden and showed them what’s growing now. The guest is Indian couple and their 6 years old daughter. For my surprising, she likes Japanese food and she wanted to learn how to cook Japanese food such as sushi. She wanted to join today and she cut green onion, peel sweet potato skin very well. I harvested Butternuts squash & Chayote squash from garden.

Soba & tempura
Cactus is blooming

2019/11/02 Japanese Pancake & Noodle Class

I taught Japanese pancake & noodle class today. This class is the wedding gift to today’s customer who just married few month ago. The wife visited Japan twice and she knows about Japanese food pretty well and she can cook too. She is a Italian and he is a German, so they are European. They are very health conscious and they grow own vegetables in the backyard. They are very sweet, gave me two big pomegranates which they got from neighbor.

2019/10/05 Fall Vegetable Garden

I re-planted Burdock and seeded Turnip today.

Salad Burdock
Gretel Eggplant
Green onion
Purple bean
Runner bean
Vegetable Garden

Today’s harvest

Turnip & Komatsuna & Chayote squash

2019/08/17 Black Cod & Tempura Class

I taught Black Cod & vegetable tempura class. This class was spacial request from the guest her husband lived in Japan around two years and he loves Japanese meal. Even this menu is not on my list but she requested for her husband. He speaks very good Japanese too. I was so impressed that he was so ready to adapt Japanese culture and life.

I harvested carrot, Komatsuna, Japanese pumpkin, chayote squash, shiso leaf, green onion from my garden.

2019/08/10 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today. This time the guest was university student who returned home during summer holidays. Her father requested cooking class for her since she loves sushi and wanted to learn how to make sushi at home. She learned a lot and she did pretty good job for this class. Her father helped some part but mainly she cooked everything by herself.

I harvested Komatsuna, green onion, green shiso and trefoil from my garden. I brought home made miso and pickled plum as well.

2019/08/03 Japanese Pancake & Noodle Class

I taught Japanese pancake & noodle class first time. I thought about detailed logistics & work flow for this new class but still I was kind of nervous for the first class. The customer worked together very well as a team and they cooked nice Japanese pancake(pork & seafood), stir fried noodle and dessert. For my surprising, they liked agar agar texture too which sometimes people does not like.