2010/03/09 Vegetable Garden Diary

Vegetable garden in early spring.

Broccoli, I planted 6 broccoli this year
















Buk Choi

Buk choy















Chives, this is garlic chives
















Fava Bean, first try this year

Fava bean















Komatsuna Green, this is Japanese green leaf vegetable, very handy and tasty too
















Onion, yellow onion and will be ready few more month
















Rubharb, last fall when I planted rubharb, it died. I tried to plant second time.

I hope it will grow well this year
















Butter Lettuce, this is very tender and tasty

Butter lettuce















Snap Peas, direction said do not have bine but actually  they do.

Snap pea















Sugar Peas, they grew so well this year, I harvested a lots.

Sugar pea
















Turnip is a root and leaf both edible vegetable, root can be cooked simmered, pickled. Leaf can be cooked pickled.



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