2010/04/30 Beans, Butter Lettuce, Fava Beans

When I returned from Ireland, beans grew so much!

Salad leaf & beans















Beans with sesame dressing/Goma ae, boil beans and just marinated with sesame dressing.

Beans w sesame















Some beans grew so big and I harvested green peas.

Green Peas, take out from the shell

Boiled greenpeas















Green peas brown rice, just mixed in boiled green peas to cooked brown rice.

It is very tasty!

Greenpeas brown rice















Simmered Fava bean with Japanese seasonings, dashi, soy sauce, mirin

If I pick fresh vaf

Fava beans















Simmered pork/Kakuni butter lettuce wrap

Pork saladleaf wrap
















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