2010/05/18 Celebration dinner @Kaygetsu

Sakizuke (starter)

Spaghetti squash salad with string beans, red bell pepper, shiitake mushroom and micro shiso black sesame flavor, topped with dried bonito threads

















Shima aji, live octopus, ootoro, sea grape
















Hassun(assortment of flavors

Washu beef sushi, nori topping, oak leaf seared white tuna, carroy daikon, warabi fern, ponzu gelee julienne potato and carrot tempura burdock rolled with anago (sea eel), rolled egg omelet, topped with uni sauteed konnyaku (yam jelly)
















Seasonal dish

Eggplant, flash fried and cooked with dashi minced shrimp with thickened kudzu sauce sugar peas, tororo konbu
















Yakimono(drilled dish)

Organic petaluma chicken with fuki miso spring salas with bamboo, bakchoy, radish, orange, chive and chervil clear soup pickled vegetables

Organic chicken















House-made original dessert

Green tea bavarois with japanese molasses strawberry, mint and whip cream

Green tea bavaloe




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