2010/08/09 Vegetable Garden

Many vegetables are growing in my organic vegetable garden. But it is cold summer this year in US and vegetables grow slowly.

American tomato/the tomatoes are still green color.

Amreican tomato















Bosnian tomatoes/my garden neighbor gave me plants. They are still green color too. My neighbor is very nice and he made this bracing strut for me.

Bosnian tomato















Buckwheat/I planted this to attract good bugs to my garden and it blooming little white flower now.
















Celebrity tomato/still green color too.

Celebrity tomato















Cherry tomato/this plant did not grow well this year, it does not have many tomatoes this year.

Cherry tomato















Chives/I harvested and cooked hamburger few days ago.
















Early Girl tomato/this tomato ripped first and I harvested  10 tomatoes already.

Early girt















Green shiso leaves/it grows so well this year, big and soft leaves. I harvested and cooked a lot.

Green shiso















Japanese cucumber/just blooming flowers

JP cucumber flower















Japanese eggplant/I harvested 4~5 already.

JP eggplant















Komatsuna/this is very handy if I have in my garden. I can use in many different way of cooking, and very nutritious and healthy vegetable too.
















Long eggplant/my garden neighbor gave me a plant and I harvested 1 eggplant now.

Chinese eggplant















Mint/I make mint tea and drink cold mint tea everyday. It is very refreshing and tasty in summer.
















Myoga/this is Japanese herb and season in summer. It has unique refreshing flavor and adding nice little bitterness to foods.
















Arugula/this is a salad leaf and has little bitter taste. Very refreshing and nice salad leaf.
















Pickles cucumber/I made a lot’s of pickles this year.

Pickles cucumber















Red shiso leaf/I used this leaf for plum pickles to add bright purple color. Also I made shiso juice too.

Red shiso















Salad burdock/I planted this last November but just came out again naturally. This is very tasty to make salad.

Salad burdock































Yellow pear tomato/it grows very well this year and I harvested lot’s of tomatoes already. Every breakfast we eat this.

Yellow pear tomato















Zucchini/I harvested lot’s of zucchini this year too. I can not eat them all and I gave them to my friend too.



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