2011/02/10 Chrysanthemum with sesame

I harvested chrysanthemum from organic garden I planted last fall. This is chrysanthemum for salad and I can just pick up young leaves when they grow. This is a healthy green leafy vegetable include vitamin A and calcium.















Just rinse them and boil for few minutes. Mix ground black sesame, brown sugar and soy sauce in a bowl. Squeeze chrysanthemum water, mix into the bowl.

Chrysanthemum with black sesame, black sesame contains vitamin E, calcium and iron.

Chrysanthemum with black sesame














I marinated cod fish fillet in Sake lee with homemade miso paste for few days in refrigerator.

Marinated sake lee














Just broiled both sides for few minutes.

Cod marinated with sake lee which has nice sake flavor in cod fish.

Cod sake lee marinated

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