2011/05/03 Planted Tomatoes & Eggplant in Vegetable Garden

I planted some tomatoes and eggplant in vegetable garden today. I seeded Bosnian tomatoes but they are not ready to plant yet, still too small. Also I did not harvest many eggplant last year, so I did not keep eggplant seed, I needed to buy new plant this year.

Sunsugar tomato/new for me this time, the nursery person told me that it taste very sweet and less sourness, little orange color . I wanted to try. I planted sweet 100 & yellow pear last year.

Sunsugar tomato



















Heirloom tomato/this is new for me too. I heard about heirloom tomato from my friend that it is tasty, so I wanted to try.

Heirloom tomato



















I am still waiting for Bosnian tomato to grow. I love Bosnian tomato, they are so juicy, tasty and huge!



I did not harvest Japanese eggplant last year, so I did not keep seed. I bought 2 Japanese eggplant today and planted. I hope I will harvest many eggplants this year. Japanese eggplant has thin skin, small about 3″.

Japanese Eggplant



















Snap pea, Black soy bean, Giant kidney bean, Green onion, JP pumpkin, Chrysanthemum, Arugula, Okura, Trefoil, Japanese mustard, Long bean, Spaghetti squash, Japanese eggplant, American eggplant, Tomatoes/Bosnian,  Sunsugar, Heirloom are growing in the vegetable garden.

I need more space to plant.










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