2011/07/27 Japanese Pumpkin Harvested! Seafood Curry & Salad

I harvested first Japanese pumpkin from vegetable garden!

I seeded and planted Japanese pumpkin first time this spring, now growing very well and have many fruits.

I only seeded dark green pumpkin, but they have some light green color pumpkin too.

I will keep it for few more days for additional ripping period.

Japanee pumpkin














I cooked seafood/burdock curry for dinner.

Burdock, carrot, eggplant, onion, tomato, celery inside.

Burdock Seafood Curry














Butter lettuce salad with anchovies & peanuts topping.

So many butter lettuce are growing now, I need to eat everyday.

Butter lettuce salad

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