2011/07/31 Village Homes Tour

I and my husband joined Village Homes tour in Davis, CA.

(About Village Homes)

Village Homes is a seventy-acre subdivision located in the west part of Davis, California. It was designed to encourage both the development of a sense of community and the conservation of energy and natural resources. The principal designer was Mike Corbett. Construction on the neighborhood began in the fall of 1975, and construction continued from south to north through the 1980s, involving many different architects and contractors. The completed development includes 225 homes and 20 apartment units.

Sign at the entrance

Village Homes Sign














Community Swimming Pool water is heated by solar heating panel to save energy.

Solar panel on club house















Community garden

Community Garden































Side walk/there is no fence between houses only road side.

Side Walk















Water for the side walk public area

Water for side walk area















Solar heating panel on the roof

Solar panel on the roof















Window where used to be several black heating tanks outside to heat up for the tiles in the room.

But it was already carpeted when the owner moved in, so they took out.
















Vegetable garden
















Shady road because all trees planted south side of the road, nice and cool in summer.

Shady road














Mulberry, taste like black berry
















House which has garden on the roof

House has garden on roof















Roof garden

Roof garden















These are special innovation for this village Homes.

Orientation — All streets trend east-west and all lots are oriented north-south. This orientation (which has become standard practice in Davis and elsewhere) helps the houses with passive solar designs make full use of the sun’s energy.

Street Width — Our roads are all narrow, curving cul-de-sacs; they are less than twenty-five feet wide and generally aren’t bordered by sidewalks. Their narrow widths minimize the amount of pavement exposed to sun in the long, hot summers. The curving lines of the roads give them the look of village lanes, and the few cars that venture into the cul-de-sacs usually travel slowly.

Natural Drainage — The common areas also contain Village Homes’ innovative natural drainage system, a network of creek beds, swales, and pond areas that allow rainwater to be absorbed into the ground rather than carried away through storm drains. Besides helping to store moisture in the soil, this system provides a visually interesting backdrop for landscape design.

Edible Landscaping — Fruit and nut trees and vineyards form a large element of the landscaping in Village Homes and contribute significantly to the provender of residents. More than thirty varieties of fruit trees were originally planted, and as a result some fruit is ripe and ready to eat nearly every month of the year.






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