2012/02/23 New Vegetable Garden in Big Plot

I changed to bigger plot(double sized) this year because few gardeners were out from the garden due to other city residency status.

This is the old plot I had last year.



I got bigger plot (double size), but there were two artichokes in the plot which I got…. and it’s so hard to pull out…..

It took me for 3 days to pull out two artichokes!

They have long deep roots, I need to dig deep and cut the roots.





Finally I finished all work for new plot, it’s nicely done! I had been worked very hard for two weeks, did carpenter work which I did first time. I bought many wood studs and I used more than two hundred screws to built bedding. I want high bedding, I used 7&1/2 inch high stud which I loaded more than 20 loads compost in each bedding…..it was hard work….

Also I built two shelves too! I transplanted cabbage, broccoli, green onion, chives, trefoil from my old plot.

New plot



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