2012/05/13 Mansaku-no Kai Kyougen/Birthday Dinner @Sumika

We saw Nomura Mansaku’s Kyougen play for the first time in Mountain View. He is the human  national treasure. They played “The Owl” & “Tied to a stick”. Nomura Mansaku started to play kyougen at 3 years old, he has 77 years career now since he is 80 years old.

Mansaku-no kai


After this kyougen play, we had my husband’s birthday dinner @Sumika in Los Altos. His actual birthday is April 7th, but he flew to Japan due to his mother’s serious condition. Now we can celebrate his birthday. Sumika’s specialty is charcoal grilled chicken dishes/Yakitori.

Chicken meat ball


Deep Fried Chicken

Deep fried chicken


Chicken with plum sauce

Chicken with plum sauce





Spicy Chicken

Spicy chichen


Grilled chicken wing

Chicken wing


Deep Fried Tofu

Deep fried tofu


Simmered fried tofu




Chicken Soup

Chicken soup


All dishes are so tasty and we are so happy.



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