2012/06/17 Father’s Day Dinner @Mitsunobu

Older son invited us to the Father’s day dinner @Mitsunobu restaurant in Menlo Park.

We ordered prix-fixe menu.

Buckwheat cracker

Buckwheat cracker with hot clear soup


Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box


Artisan Foie Gras sushi/Foie Gras is very soft and melting in mouse.

Artisan Foie Gras sushi


Golden Beet Soup

Golden beet soup, ikura


Honeydew with egg yolk

Honeydew with egg yolk vinaigrette


Shrimp Okura Fava bean with dashi jello

Shrimp okura fava bean umami jelly


Mango with black sesame cream

Mango with black sesame cream


Grass-fed beef tongue

Grass-fed beef tongue with haccho miso sauce


Spanish Mackerel saikyo miso grill rice

Spanish Mackerel saikyo miso grill with yuba


BBQ Unagi tofu rice

BBQ Unagi jidori egg rice


Grilled cod with saikyo miso

Grilled Cod with saikyo miso


Kuzu manjyu

Kuzu manjyu


Peach compote

Peach compote















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