2012/11/18-12/06 Trip to Germany & Strasbourg

I traveled to South Germany & Strasbourg for three weeks and returned home on 12/06. The first week, I & older son & younger son three of us traveled together. The second week, younger son stays in Freiburg and I & older son travel together. The third week, older son returned to US and I traveled by myself.

I posted photos below.

2012/11/18-11/20 Heidelberg

2012/11/20-11/22 Strasbourg

2012/11/22-11/24 Freiburg

2012/11/25-11/26 Fussen

2012/11/27-11/30 Munchen

2012/12/1-12/2 Nurnberg

2012/12/2-12/3 Rothenburg

2012/12/4-12/5 Wurzburg



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