2020/02/16 Sushi Rice Bowl Class

I taught Sushi Rice Bowl class today. This class is a special since the customer requested menu for one of the attendee who is going through treatment for cancer. Also he requested additional tip for cancer patients. I added green vegetable dish for this patients first but ended up to changed whole menu from tempura & soba noodle class to sushi rice bowl class. They are the 3rd generation of Japanese and they know Japanese cuisine pretty well. Still I could give them many new tips for healthy cooking and eating information and shared short presentation “Why simple diet?” to explain healthy eating. They have nice Japanese dishes such as lacquer bowl with lid and chop stick rest as well. I harvested turnips, green onion and trefoil from my garden. I brought home made miso & pickled plum. We had fun talk about Japanese ingredients and I shared many photos for pickled plum making and vegetable garden.

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