2010/07/09-7/19 Japan Trip

I went to Japan for 10 days to visit my parents and showed them my newly published cook book/Healthy Soshoku. My dad is a Parkinson but he still recognized me and he was glad to see my newly published cooking book. It was very humid in Japan in summer time because I was so spoiled California’s dry weather.

I had a family reunion dinner on 7/10 at my parents’ house and on 7/12 at my husband’s house. I gave my cooking books to my brothers families and to my husband’s mother & sister.

2010/07/13 Walk in Nezu

I had a walk in Nezu town with my friend on 7/14. It was a rainy day. This is the first time to visit Nezu town which is a small old fashioned town called “Shita Machi” in Tokyo. We started from JR Uguisu Dani Station.

Kanei Temple which is the temple for Tokugawa Shogun and princess Atsu’s grave is located here too.

Kanei ji















Jyou Myo In/There are many stone statue in Jyou Myo In.

Stone statue















The Ougyou chi plant.
















This is the Taiwanese dessert which made from the flour of the plant. It looks like Agar-Agar dessert in Japan. It taste like Agar-Agar too.
















Yoshida liquor shop. This building was newly built in 1910 which kept Edo era architecture style for merchant house.

Yoshida liquor shop















Nezu Shrine which was built originally by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi in Edo era.

















Thatched ring which there is a certain way to go through this ring to wish good luck. Of course we did it!
















2010/07/14 Kihachi Italian

I had a lunch with my friend @Kihachi Italian. Kihachi is a popular restaurant in Tokyo area for tasty vegetable dishes. Because the owner/Mr. Kihachi has a vegetable garden and he grows own vegetables.

Fish carpaccio

Fish Carpaccio















Squid Salad

Squid salad















Shrimp Avocado cold pasta/this pasta has raw shrimp but does not have fishy smell and tasty.

Shrimp Avocado cold pasta















Octopus pasta with kanzuri which is the hot spice in Niigata area in Japan. This is unique and tasty too.

Octopus pasta















2010/07/16 Dinner @Bunryu

I and my mom had a dinner @Bunryu which my mom heard about from her friend.

Appetizer sampler plate/this is a good size appetizer sampler for two people with five items.

Beets gratin

Beet gratin















Cheese roll cabbage

Cheese roll















Baked eggplant
















Simmered intestine

Simmerred intestine















Marinaded sardine

Marinated sardine















Shrimp & zucchini homemade pasta

Shrimp Zucchini pasta















Tomato pasta

Tomato pasta















Fig tart

Fig tart
















Panna cotta
















2010/07/17  Tsukiji

I met my friend @Tsukiji and had a sushi lunch. Tsukiji is a famous place for the fish market and other foods market.

Full stomach sushi/this is really full stomach sushi, we were so full after we eat this sushi lunch. Especially conger eel was so big!

Manpuku nigiri















Miso soup

Miso soup
















2010/07/18  Kichijyoji

I met my friends at Kichijyoji where our university is located and we were hung around when we were at university.

Lunch @Courage/vegetarian restaurant

Vegetable soup

Vege soup















Bean curd marinaded

Bean curd marinated















Green salad

Green salad















Deep fried vegetables with sansyo flavor over rice

Fried vegetables over rice
















2010/07/19  Shinjyuku & Narita Airport

I had a lunch @Kyoto tea house in Shinjyuku on the way to go to Narita airport and flew back to US in the evening flight.

Lunch plate

Kyou lunch set















Black sesame icecream

Black sesame icecream















I heard about “Shuttle Chef” from my friend few years ago and my high school friend told me when I met her on 7/15/10. And I saw it @Narita airport store. So I decided to buy one.

Shuttle Chef

Shuttle chef




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