2012/02/03 Soba Kaiseki @Tsuchiya

I and my mom had soba kaiseki lunch @Tsuchiya in Higashi Murayama city. We wanted to celebrate our big effort for the all title change transaction.

This place is a cozy restaurant located in local town which I grew up.

Yuzu  wine

Yuzu wine

Buckwheat grain custard

Buckwheat grain custard

Appetizer/Roasted mackerel, Deep fried taro yam, Simmered squid,Flower bean, Sardine, Soybean konjac, Green vegetable

Grilled mackerel

Deep fried yam

Simmered squid

Sardine, flower bean, Carrot, Taro

Soybean konjac

Green leaf vegetable

Buckwheat dumpling & duck meat ball

Buckwheat dumpling & duck ball

Buckwheat noodle

Buckwheat noodle

Tuna & daikon

Tuna & daikon

Orange jello

Orange agar agar


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