2011/04/08 Spicy Konjac with Yellow Chives

I made spicy konjac with yellow chives. Konjac include lots of dietary fiber and it is popular for the diet foods in Japan.

Cut konjac into bite size with hands, boil for few minutes and drain. Cut yellow chives into 1 inch long. Stir fry konjac with few red chilis, add yellow chives and season with mirin, soy sauceĀ  and sake.

Stir fry konjac














Spicy konjac with yellow chives

Spicy konjac with yellow chives














Stir fry thin slice pork, shiitake mushroom, and sprouts. Sprinkle pinched salt, curry powder and mayonnaise.

I ordered this dish at Japanese restaurant and it was so yummy, I decided to make this at home.

Pork sprout mushroom mayo curry













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