2010/08/10 Vegetables from garden

Yesterday’s pick/(from left) Arugula,  Shiso leaf, Yellow pear tomato, Komatsuna, Early girl tomato, Zucchini

Arugula, shiso komatsuna tomato zucchini















Today’s pick/garden neighbor gave me long beans, and I found the first Myoga this year. Myoga is a ginger family

vegetables which has a unique flavor.

I chop Myoga and added to Tofu/Avocado/Pork salad below.

Tomato, zucchini, myouga















Shiso grew so well this year and sprinkled over tofu.

Shiso tofu















I made beans salad with Arugula salad leaf which has little bitter taste and good for salad.

Bean salad



























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