2010/08/04~8/7 Pickled Plum Dry in the Sun

I soaked red shiso leaves on 7/2 and left them in a jar for one month, and dried plums, red shiso leaf, plum vinegar in the sun on 8/4.

pickled plum















Plums/Red shiso grew so well this year and I put a lots of red shiso leaves in plum. The plums color turned nicely bright red.

plum vinegar















Red shiso leaves

red shiso leaf















Just left them outside for 3 days all day long. Turned over plums 1.5 days after.

After 3 days dry in the sun, it’s done. This is plum pickles 2010.

pickled plum in the sun















Pickled plum 2010

pickled plum

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