2010/08/04 Zucchini & Shiso & Chives

I harvested many zucchini and made zucchini sauce, and made salad on arugula leaves from garden. Arugula leaves has slightly bitter taste and this is nice fresh extra taste to the salad.

zucchini sauce salad















Zucchini tempura with dried shrimp

zucchini tempura















I harvested green shiso leaves and chives too. And made okara hamburger. That’s why this is very green hamburger.

Shiso chives okara pork hamburg















Baked, it has very refreshing aroma from shiso leaves and chives and light healthy texture because of okara.
















Plum vinegar daikon/very pretty pink color from plum vinegar, this is 100 % natural color and very healthy.

plum vinegar daikon















Super healthy heart friendly zucchini bread, I grated zucchini from garden.

Zucchini bread





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