2010/06/11 Green Shiso & Salad Burdock

Green shiso came out in the garden from last year’s seeds and it is growing well. Green shiso is very handy if I have in the garden because I can use it so many ways.

Green shiso


















I made sandwich for lunch using green shiso instead of butter lettuce.

Green shiso has very refreshing aroma and very good combination with coppa slice.
















Salad Burdock naturally came out too. They must came out from last November’s root in the soil.

Salad burdock















I harvested salad burdock. Only root is edible.

Salad burdock















Just rinse it and cut into thin slice. Mix with plum & miso dressing. Burdock has crunchy texture and very tasty.

Burdock salad















I served salad burdock on breakfast plate.

Burdock salad on plate




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