2010/04/06 Turnip, Butter Lettuce, Komatsuna

I harvested spring vegetables from my garden.

Turnip, Butter Lettuce, Komatsuna

Turnip, Salad leaf, Komatsuna















Turnip is a same type of root vegetable with daikon. White round root and leaf both edible.

I made turnip miso soup with homemade miso paste.

Turnip miso soup















Bacon egg sandwiches w/Butter Lettuce on walnuts and whole wheat bread @Acume bread.

Bacon sandwich with butter lettuce















Harvested Sugar peas, Snap peas

Snap peas















Stir-fry w/smoked turkey, stir-fry with chopped award winning smoked turkey from German deli @Dittmer’s.

Bean & smoked turkey















Stir fried w/Eringi mushroom, just stir-fry and seasoned with salt & pepper

Eringi & snap pea



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