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2011/12/01 Turnip

During my absence in Japan, turnips were grew so big. I harvested them.














Made turnip salad

Turnip salad

2011/10/27 Mushroom Pasta Cooking Demo

I had mushroom pasta cooking demo @Akiyama WC.



2011/10/27 Mushroom Pasta Cooking Demo

2011/10/26 Mushroom & Clam Pasta Cooking Workshop

I had mushroom pasta cooking workshop @Deborah’s palm and my friend join the class.


2011/10/26 Mushroom & Clam Pasta Cooking Workshop

2011/07/20 Petherb Mustard/Mizuna Salad

I harvested Petherb mustard/Mizuna from vegetable garden.

I cooked stir fry tofu with bitter melon for dinner.

I just put tofu chanburu on petherb mustard and made healthy salad.

Tofu chanburu salad















I harvested butter lettuce a lot, I can not eat all as a salad, I stir fry them with clam.

I cooked 3 big butter lettuce for this dish, if we cook we can eat more vegetables than just salad.

Stir fry butter lettuce with clam















2011/07/09 Burdock Curry/Japanese Style

I made burdock curry with duck meat using pressure cooker. It took me about 3 minutes to cook.

This is healthy curry which include burdock, carrot, onion, celery and duck meat.

This curry has burdock flavor, which I really like.

Burdock & Duck curry













I harvested butter lettuce, Japanese bell pepper from vegetable garden.

The garden neighbor gave me Swiss chard.

Butter lettuce, Swiss chard, JP bell pepper














I made salad with deep fried pumpkin & burdock.

Pumpkin burdock Mizuna salad














2011/04/02 Turnip from vegetable garden

Japanese green onion has flower already and salad chrysanthemum is growing too.

Green onion & chrisanthemum



















I harvested all turnip today.




















I made turnip salad, this is my favorite, healthy and yummy!

Turnip salad













2011/03/04 Stir Fry Chinese Cabbage

I harvested 8 Chinese cabbage from vegetable garden because they started blooming flowers. I have a lots of slugs in my garden, the Chinese cabbage leaves are great dinner for them. So Chinese cabbage leave looks like laces.

Chinese cabbage














Stir fry Chinese cabbage with clam and wood ear

Chinese cabbage with clam














I harvested butter lettuce too, place butter lettuce, stir fry Chinese cabbage on top and sprinkle nuts.

This is my dinner.

Chinese cabbage butter lettuce nuts salad

2010/08/28 Soybean & Blackberry Sauce

I harvested soybean from the vegetable garden today, which is my husband’s favorite and he was waiting for. I called him and he promised to buy beer. This is so crunchy and sweet!
















My friend e-mailed me and let me know that she picked blackberry for me. So I picked blackberry from her house after my cooking class and made blackberry sauce again. This is wild blackberry and very tasty!
















I harvested Japanese cucumber from the vegetable garden too, just cut it and eat with home made miso paste. So fresh and yummy!

JP cucumber















I made tofu avocado bean salad.

Tofu avocado bean salad















I harvested a lots of chives too, I made pot sticker.
















Today’s dinner.

today's dinner


2010/04/08 Cooking Cabbage

I harvested cabbage and beans yesterday.

Many slugs are eating my cabbage first because organic garden.
















Just cabbage, bacon, & sausage soup. I got a sausage from German deli.

Cabbage soup















Made cabbage, scallop, dumpling soup per husband’s request.

Cabbage soup















Cabbage salad. This is refreshing and good for breakfast too.

Cabbage salad