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2019/08/17 Black Cod & Tempura Class

I taught Black Cod & vegetable tempura class. This class was spacial request from the guest her husband lived in Japan around two years and he loves Japanese meal. Even this menu is not on my list but she requested for her husband. He speaks very good Japanese too. I was so impressed that he was so ready to adapt Japanese culture and life.

I harvested carrot, Komatsuna, Japanese pumpkin, chayote squash, shiso leaf, green onion from my garden.

2019/08/10 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today. This time the guest was university student who returned home during summer holidays. Her father requested cooking class for her since she loves sushi and wanted to learn how to make sushi at home. She learned a lot and she did pretty good job for this class. Her father helped some part but mainly she cooked everything by herself.

I harvested Komatsuna, green onion, green shiso and trefoil from my garden. I brought home made miso and pickled plum as well.

2019/08/03 Japanese Pancake & Noodle Class

I taught Japanese pancake & noodle class first time. I thought about detailed logistics & work flow for this new class but still I was kind of nervous for the first class. The customer worked together very well as a team and they cooked nice Japanese pancake(pork & seafood), stir fried noodle and dessert. For my surprising, they liked agar agar texture too which sometimes people does not like.

2019/07/28 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today. Today’s class was a gift from daughter to her father as a father’s day gift since he was very interested in Japanese cooking. The kitchen was very organized and they have compost too. So they are environmental conscious. I harvested Komatsuna, Trefoil, green onion, shiso leaves from my garden.

They really enjoyed roasting sesame because for my surprising she already tried to roast sesame with fry pan & oven. I respect her challenging spirit and seriousness for healthy cooking. We chat a lot during class and this is very fun class to teach.

2019/06/30-07/10 Switzerland, Germany trip

I traveled to Switzerland visited Luzern, hiked Jungfrau area, visited Bern, Mt. Pilatus, and München.

06/30 Luzern

It was unusually hot in Luzern, no cooler in hotel. But very pretty city.

Capel Bridge

Capel Bridge

07/01~07/05 Lauterbrunnen

I stayed Lauterbrunnen and hiked for 5 days.

Schilthorn, North Face trail

View from Schilthorn
North Face trail





Gross Scheidegg

Gross Scheidegg

Via Alpina

via Alpina

07/06 Bern

I visited Paul Klee museum & Einstein Museum


07/07 Mt. Pilatus

Mt. Pilatus

07/08~07/09 München

Bike ride to English Garden, Beer Garden, city

Beer Garden
Beer Garden

2019/06/09 Summer Vegetable Garden

I visited vegetable garden this morning for harvesting vegetables and visited this afternoon to seed vegetable.

Chayote Squash
JP Pumpkin
Red shiso
Japanese Cucumber
Black Bean
Royalty Purple Pod
Runner Bean
Summer vegetable garden

2019/06/09 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class as the anniversary celebration for the relationship. I harvested Japanese cucumber, shiso leaf, green onion trefoil from my garden. They worked together as a team and we finished class little earlier than usual. They made very nice presentation too. They really enjoyed hand wrap sushi.

I taught cooking class on Saturday & Sunday this weekend, so pretty busy weekend. Every time I teach class, I learned something new. I love teach cooking and meet new people.

2019/06/08 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught the special birthday celebration The Art of Sushi class today as a birthday gift from husband to his wife. The client invited their close 6 friends so total 8 people, actually this is the biggest group I ever taught. They are drinking wine, chatting each other, very relaxed casual setting class. They asked many questions about home made miso, pickled plum so on. The client has large nice kitchen, so 4~5 people cook on the huge island counter at the same time.

I harvested trefoil, green onion, green shiso leaf and Japanese cucumber from my garden.

2019/06/01 Uvas Cannyon Hike

I hiked Uvas Cannyon again. I hiked Waterfall Loop to Black Rock Falls, to Knobcone Point Rest Site.

Then hiked to Upper Falls to Contour trail, to Alec Canyon trail to Triple Falls, Alec Canyon trail to Lower Falls trail. I hiked total 7 miles.

2019/05/25~05/27 Hike Weekend

I rode bike & hiked Point Lobos state park on 5/25. It was nice cool weather little sprinkle. I saw bunny.

I hiked Uvas Canyon Park on 5/26, I hiked up to Nibbs Nobs trail to the top and hiked Waterfall Loop trail steep up to Knobcone Point and half of Contour trail. My legs are hurting but waterfalls are spectacular and trails are nice and shady.

I short hiked Sanborn on 5/27 since my legs are still tight. I hiked San Andrea trail & Peterson trail.