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2017/10/15 Vegetable Garden

After two weeks absence in Japan, all vegetables in my garden grew so well. I harvested 20 Chayote Squash, 20 Turnips, bowl of Black Soy Bean.

Right after I harvested Black Soy Bean, rinse them and boil them. Taste so good! Yum!


2017/07/22 Pickled Plum

My friend gave me house grown Japanese plums. I made pickled plum in May.

After I harvested red shiso leaves, I soaked into pickled plum liquid to make them nice bright purple color.

I dried pickled plum under the sun for three days.


2017/06/04 Summer Vegetable Garden

Summer vegetable garden, finally vegetables started to grow after chilly Spring. I am so happy all vegetables growing so well and I am so grateful I could keep cooking these vegetables for my daily dishes.

Chayote Squash growing so well.

Japanese pumpkin growing well too.

Red Shiso leaf is volunteer growing from last year. 

Cabbage sharing with bugs


Japanese Cucumber

Fava Bean

Japanese Eggplant


Black Soy Bean









2017/05/21 Pickled Plum

I had lunch with my friend and she gave me lot’s of house grown Japanese Plums total 8kg!

I made pickled plum. I am so happy she gave me Japanese plums since I bring lunch box everyday to work and I put a JP pickled plum everyday. I almost consuming my pickled plum stock.

2017/03/04 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi Class at student’s house. They are pretty healthy diet conscious and very knowledgeable for healthy eating. So I shared my healthy diet concept and vegetable garden pictures.

I am so glad that they understood Japanese healthy cooking concept, and Japanese home style cooking is pretty simple and easy too.

I also shared my experience when I traveled to Germany since his mom is a German. It was very fun class and I really enjoyed teaching them healthy diet and healthy life style.

Today’s Menu: Hand Wrap Brown Rice Sushi, Green vegetable with sesame, Miso soup

2017/02/11 Japanese Rice Bowl Class

I taught Japanese Rice Bowl class today at student’s house. They have nice spacey kitchen.

Today’s menu is Japanese Brown Rice Bowl & Miso Soup

I explained how to cook tasty sushi rice and how to make miso soup stock. I harvested Turnips & Green Onion & Trefoil from vegetable garden this morning and used for Miso soup ingredients. They are amazed and distinguished home made miso flavor.

Rice Bowl & Miso Soup


2017/02/05 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today at my house since my husband is traveling this weekend.

I had young Indian couple and they are very interested in how to make tasty sushi at home.

Today’s menu is Hand Wrap Sushi/Inside Out Roll/Miso Soup/Green vegetable with Salt Koji.

They understood that making tasty sushi rice is very important for sushi making process. I used house grown Turnip for miso soup.

Insie out roll prep

Green vegetable with salt koji prep

Today’s Dish

2016/12/25-2017/01/02 Japan Trip

I traveled to Japan and spent time with my mom and my relatives. Also I traveled to Kawaguchiko and visited Wind Cave, walked trail to Ice Cave through extended Aokigahara forest, visited Iyashino Sato Nenba, enjoyed beautiful Mt. Fuji scenery. Also after I and my mom tasted “Kikuimo” in my birthday course dinner first time, I found “Kikuimo” in Iyashino Sato Nenba. So I purchased it and stir fry them.

Wind CaveAokigahara extensive forestIce Cave

2016/11/24-12/05 Germany Trip

I visited my son in Germany and enjoyed X’mas Market traveling in Germany.

11/24-11/25 Fulda

I visited Fulda Castle, Dom and Museum.

11/26 Hann Munden, Trendelburg Dornroschenschloss, Sababurg Castle

My son got job and he lives in apartment, I stayed his room started on 11/25. He has a car too. We drove to Hann Munden and visited Trendelburg Dornroschenschloss, and stayed Sababurg Castle where “Sleeping Beauty” tale by Grimm was set.

11/27 Sababurg, Bad Sooden Allendorf

Sababurg Castle is very nice setting to stay located top of hill, surrounded by trees, there is beautiful garden and outdoor theater.

We stopped by Bad Sooden Allendorf, swam in saltwater pool.

11/28-11/30 Dresden, Meisen

I took train to Dresden and visited Kunsthofpassage, Pfunds Molkerei (which is famous as the most beautiful milk shop), Albrechtburg castle, and Old Age X’mas market.

11/30 Weimar

I stopped over Weimar and visited Anna Amalia Library, Stadtschloss, Bauhaus Museum

12/1 Eisenach

I took train to Eisenach and took bus to Wartburg castle, the most valuable world heritage which made a significant mark on world history. Visited Luther Haus too.

12/2 Erfurt

My son took day-off for me and guided me to Erfurt, we visited Kromer bridge which is the oldest and longest bridge built houses  on.

12/3 Gotha

My son drove me to his company and gave me a tour. Then we visited Gotha Castle and museum.

2016/09/11 Vegetable Garden & Chayote

I visited vegetable garden today.



Fudansou/cooked with salt koji.


Basil/I made pesto sauce.


Arugula/keep for seeds


Eggplant/still very small…..


Benrina/another green leafy vegetable


Japanese Pumpkin/growing so well, already harvested 4~5 pumpkins

JP pumpkin

JP pumpkin

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash

Chayote Squash/my friend @work gave me a fruit and grew so tall. I harvested three fruits. This is very first time I planted Chayote, I am so excited to see a fruit.


Black Soy Bean

Black soy bean

Wild Bore Tomato


Runner Bean



ChayoteCut in half

cut in halfSteamed with salt koji

steamTender and tasty


This is Chayote health benefit