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2019/03/03 Miso making

I made miso today after few years break.

This is Miso 2019

Miso 2019

Will wait for one year fermentation to become tasty miso.

2019/03/02 Girl’s Day Dinner

I invited my friend to Girl’s Day Dinner since she brought me Hina Arare from Japan which is traditional snack for Girl’s Day celebration.

Girl’s Day dinner

Hina Arare

2019/02/23 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class for young couple’s movie night. We celebrate Girl’s day in Japan to wish girl’s healthy happy life on March 3rd, displaying Hina Doll and serving ball sushi. So I included ball sushi in the menu. I harvested Trefoil, Komatsuna, Green onion from garden in the morning.

This is Hina Doll I made when my kids are little to play.

Hand made Hina Doll

This is my Hina Doll which my parents bought for me.

This is my mom’s Hina Doll which is antique about 86 years old.

The Art of Sushi with Ball Sushi

2019/02/17 Sowing Seeds

I joined Seeds class and sowed seeds today. Originally I plan to buy small greenhouse but changed my mind after today’s class.


2019/01/12 The Art of Sushi Class

I received booking request from customer as his girl friend’s birthday gift. They live in San Francisco so I drove up there, but this is really first time to drive up hill on cable car rail road and parked slope. I harvested Turnips, Komatsuna, Green Onion from garden in the morning and used for this class. They love sushi and also they really enjoyed super fresh vegetables too.

The art of sushi

2018/09/22 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class as a birthday gift to customer’s husband who loves Japanese cuisine.

This is surprise gift and he did not know I was coming so he was surprised!

They have lovely three children and especially the youngest daughter was a little princess in their family and she was so cute.

He loves Sashimi but customer does not, so she requested to learn Sushi Roll with avocado & shiso. She and boys loved it.

2018/08/26 Vegetables from garden

Of course vegetables grow different every year due to weather & other factors.

This year, vegetables grow so well especially tomatoes & Japanese pumpkins.

Besides these vegetables below,


I harvested many Chayote & Japanese pumpkins today.

JP Pumpkin & Chayote

Busy cooking & eating garden vegetables every day now.



2018/08/18 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class to who love real food from scratch. Fortunately I harvested all vegetables from garden this morning such as shiso, Japanese cucumber, turnips, fudansou, green onion, they are super fresh.

vegetables from garden

They are young couple and husband grew up home made healthy foods, so he knows real foods taste.

Hand wrap sushi

Especially they enjoyed fresh sashimi & Japanese cucumber which is crunchy & tasty.

He asked me “what you are eating everyday?”, then I think about what I am eating and answered “Most likely I am eating vegetables from my garden everyday, because I grew so many vegetables in my garden.”

This is summer garden

summer garden

I grow variety of tomatoes, shiso leaf/green & red, chayote, Japanese pumpkin, rhubarb, turnip, mizuna, okura, banana pepper, green pepper, trefoil, green onion, eggplant Gretel, Japanese eggplant, fudansou, black soy bean, stalk broccoli, Japanese bell pepper. Harvested last weekends.





2018/06/24-07/07 Sweden, Switzerland, Germany Trip

I traveled to Sweden, Switzerland and Germany for two weeks.

2018/06/24-06/26 Stockholm, Sweden

I stayed at my friend’s place and she took me to Milles Garden, Nobel Museum and City Hall.

2018/06/26-06/28 Lausanne

I flew to Zurich and to Geneva and took train to Lausanne. I met my son at the hotel and rode bike to Lavaux Terraced Vinyard which is UNESCO world heritage.

2018/06/29 Jungfraujoch

We stayed at Wengen and took train to Jungfraujoch/The top of Europe on 6/29 and walked on snow glacier.


2018/06/30 Wengen

We hiked from Mt. Mannlichen down to Wengen.


2018/07/01 Interlaken

We took train to Interlaken and stayed one day.

2018/07/02-07/03 Munchen

We took train to Bern and rode bus to Munchen. I stayed my son’s apartment and we visited Tollwood Summer Festival.

We really enjoyed international cuisine, music and unique shops.

2018/07/04 Regensburg

Since my son returned to work, I took train to Regensburg and explorer old town, UNESCO world heritage and rode boat to The Walhalla  

2018/07/05 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

I took train to Garmisch-partenkirchen, rode train & cable car to Zugspitze/The top of Germany. Took train to Kreuzeck Alpspitzbahn and rode cable car to Hochalm, and hike to Kreuzeck.

2018/07/06 Stuttgart

I took train to Stuttgart and visited Mercedes Benz Museum. I joined dinner with my son and his friend at 100 years old local restaurant and enjoyed Swabian cuisine.


2018/06/10 Vegetable Garden

I rode bike to vegetable garden since it was nice and cool this morning.

Vegetable Garden

I planted these tomato plant

Belize Pink Heart

Belize Pink Heart

Happy Zebra

Happy Zebra


Pineapple tomato

I seeded these tomato, still small since we had cold spring this year.

Wild Bore tomato

Wild Bore

Bosnian tomato

Bosnian tomato

Cherry tomato

Cherry tomato

Runner bean

Runner bean

Green shiso, voluntarily grown

Green shiso

Chayote already climb up fence


Red shiso

Red shiso









Sweet Banana pepper

Sweet Banana

JP Pepper

JP pepper

JP pumpkin

JP pumpkin



Kyoto Eggplant

Kyoto eggplant

JP long eggplant

JP long eggplant



JP Cucumber

JP Cucumber

JP bell pepper

JP Bell pepper

Black Soy bean

Black soy bean



Green onion

Green onion



It is really fun to see all vegetables are growing well and I just remember that my mom told me “I like vegetables because they are not complain”