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2016/11/19 Home Style Sushi Wrap Class

I taught “Home Style Sushi Wrap” class @Deborah’s Palm. This is the first class as a chef of Cozymeal. This class was the birthday gift from parents to 17 years old son who likes Japanese sushi so much, so he wanted to learn how to make sushi.

Menu – Miso soup/Turnip from vegetable garden and home made miso

Hand wrap brown rice sushi/Salmon, Albacore Tuna, Yellow Tail, Japanese cucumber, Pickled Plum paste, Shiso leaf, Avocado, Albacore tuna with green onion & mayonnaise

Hand wrap sushi class

He did very good job!

Hand wrap sushi

2016/04/30 Miso Making Class

I taught Miso making class today to my cooking class student who joined cooking class long time ago. We happen met a conference both we attended. She joined my cooking class long time ago, and asked about cooking class and I just mentioned I just taught miso making class. Then she is interested in miso making class.

During class, we discussed about Japan’s society which is still men’s society and it is very challenging for women to raise child and keep working because there is no support system for working women. That is the reason Japanese women try to quit job when they get married.

I think this is a huge manpower loss in Japan society. I hope Japan society will change soon to become more supportive for working women.

Miso making class

Today’s misoMiso

2016/02/13 Miso making class

I had Miso making class today and my tennis friend joined this class.

She is very health conscious person, so we discussed about many healthy food related topics.



Miso ingredients

Miso Ingredients

Miso, she made today.


Since she cooks a lot, she did very good job, nicely done!

2016/01/30 Chicken Hot Pot Class

I taught chicken hot pot class @Deborah’s Palm.

I only had one student but we talked a lot about cooking, food etc. It was fun class.

Hot Pot is typical Japanese winter dish to warm up our body, also low calories.

She is a Jew and told me that she does not eat pork, I am glad I use chicken for this hot pot.

She ate kelp first time and she liked it!

cooking table

cooking table

cooking table

Chicken Hot Pot

Chicken Hot Pot

Chicken Hot Pot


2015/12/12 Deborah’s Palm Holiday Party

I teach Japanese Healthy Cooking class @Deborah’s Palm and I was invited to Holiday Party @Allied Art Guilt. I could make it first time.

Allied Art Guilt is beautiful place with garden & nice little stores.

We had a great fun with very special ladies.

Allied Art Guild

Allied Art Guild 2


















2015/07/18 Japanese Soba Noodle Class

I taught cold Japanese soba noodle class @Deborah’s Palm. I originally planed to have three students but ended up to four student.

Today’s menu is

Cold Japanese Soba noodle/Zaru Soba (Japanese)

Dipping Sauce (concentrated)

Vegetable tempura w/dried shrimp

“How to eat healthy diet” lecture first and followed by hand’s on cooking class.

I harvested green onion, trefoil, green shiso leaf from vegetable garden for this class.

Japanese soba noodle with dipping sauce


2015/05/30 Pickled Plum making class

I taught Pickled Plum making class today. Pickled Plum is pretty popular pickles in Japan, also is known as very healthy food.

Because Pickled Plum is very strong Alkaline food and balance out body’s pH which is tend to be Acid. Also Pickled Plum will never get spoiled in room temperature!

I had two returning students and we enjoyed lots of food related talk too.

pickled plum making class


Pickled Plum

2015/04/25 Bamboo Shoot Rice Cooking Class

I taught Bamboo rice cooking class today @Deborah’s Palm. The limit of this class was 5 people and I had full students plus one person on the wait list for the first time!

I had my tennis friend and her mom, and also I had a my co-worker to this class. We had a fun class.

Everyone was so focused on healthy diet, and lots of discussion during the lecture “How to eat healthy” before class.

Today’s menu is Bamboo brown rice, Clear soup with bamboo, Simmered Tofu Lee/Okara, Green vegetable with sesame.

Sansho leaf was kind of surprising to everyone which will have strong flavor when you hit it.

Bamboo rice class

Bamboo rice class

Everyone really enjoyed healthy food, but unfortunately these are not available at restaurants.

2015/03/16 Spring Sushi Class

I had Spring Sushi class @Deborah’s Palm.

Menu is Spring Sushi, Miso soup, How to make soy yogurt.

Originally two people registered to this class. But one person called to Deborah’s Palm in the morning and asked me if she could come to the class.

Luckily I prepared for 4~5 person’s ingredients, so I said yes to her. Then she showed up.

Few minutes later, another lady showed up without registration. I ended up to have 4 people to this class Ö

Spring Sushi & Miso Soup (made with homemade miso) with Trefoil from my garden which is very refreshing.

Spring Sushi & Miso Soup

Spring Sushi & Miso Soup

2015/02/21 Miso Making Class

I had another Miso making class today. One of my student came to my cooking class before when I was teaching class at my home. She moved to another state and come back to California.

I am so glad she came back to my cooking class. Also I had a new student who is kind of new this area. Deborah’s Palm is such a nice welcoming place to meet nice women. I really like Deborah’s Palm loving atmosphere.

Miso No.1Miso No.1




Miso No.2

Miso No.2

I hope they will become very tasty miso after one year fermentation.