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2018/09/22 Kusama Infinity

I taught cooking class at lunch time and watch documentary film “Kusama Infinity” in the evening.

This documentary film is Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s life story. Her life is so impressive and I was moved so much.

If you are interested in, this film is still showing in San Francisco.


Yayoi Kusama in 1965 at the Orez Gallery in The Hague, as seen in the film “Kusama — Infinity.”CreditCreditHarrie Verstappen/Magnolia Pictures

2018/9/16 “Pope Francis” movie

I watched “Pope Francis” movie with my son today in Monterey and I was so impressed.

We enjoyed nice lunch after movie.

Clam Chowder, Hot Crab Sandwich, Seafood Paella


2018/09/09 “A Whale of A Tale” documentary film

I watched “A Whale of A Tale” documentary film in San Francisco. This film is all about whale fishing in small Japanese town called Taichi in Wakayama which is the traditional way of living in this region. Now Taichi is well known as dolphin hunting practice after “The Cove” documentary film screened in 2009.

I felt the heart beat when I saw the paint on the next building below.



2017/12/23-2018/01/01 Japan Trip

My husband decided to host memorial ceremony for his parents on 12/24, so all family members and some relatives got together at temple in Japan.

12/26-12/28 Kawaguchiko

After ceremony, I and my younger son traveled to Kawaguchiko and enjoyed hot springs, scenic view of Mt. Fuji, and vegetable dinner @Romarin which owner chef grew his own vegetables in his 3500 sq ft farm.

12/29-12/31 Tokyo


We celebrated my birthday and younger son’s birthday in Takatano Baba, Tokyo. I took retro tram from Minowa to Waseda before birthday dinner which is only operated this area in Tokyo.


2017/09/24-10/08 Japan Trip

I visited Japan to join my dad’s memorial event after the seventh year he past away. Since this is only once trip to Japan this year, I traveled to Naoshima, Nara and Kiitanabe in Japan.


09/25-09/27 Naoshima

I traveled to Naoshima with my mom where I wanted to visit long time since we lived in Okayama prefecture in Japan. This is Benesse Art Museum Island which is located in Kagawa prefecture. We stayed one of museum building which we stay and enjoy modern art in the building.


09/29 Birthday Dinner @Yoshimura

We celebrated my mom’s birthday one month earlier since our family gathered in Japan for my dad’s memorial event from Germany & United States.


10/03-10/04 Nara

I traveled to Nara with my university alumni friends. We were just keep talking and really enjoyed re-union after long time taking care of our family & parents. We stayed traditional Japanese Ryokan called Tsukihi-Tei which is located in primary forest and only take 3 groups per day.


10/4-10/6 Kiitanabe

After I enjoyed trip with my friends, I traveled to Kiitanabe myself to visit Minakata Kumazusu related places such as Kenshou-kan, his former house, Toukei-Shurine, Tsugisakura-Oji, Ippousugi. I walked Kumanokodo from Gyubaoji to Ippousugi.

2017/05/07 Filoli Garden

I joined University Alumni luncheon @Filoli Garden, this is the first time visit for me. We enjoyed nice weather, beautiful garden and updates from Alumni friends during luncheon at Cafe.



2016/07/14 President Award Celebration Dinner

Our Open Innovation Hub team received “President Award” from parent company which had each person’s name on it.

So we had “President Award Celebration Dinner” @Parcel 104. Everything was so tasty and nice presentation too!

Appetizer/Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops


Entree/Wild California Halibut


Dessert/LIttle Italy




2016/02/20 Silicon Valley Grows Meetup @Hidden Villa

I joined Silicon Valley Grows Meetup @Hidden Villa today. This is the lecture and hands on activity for “Growing and Saving Open Pollinating Pea Seeds”.

This is the first time to visit Hidden Villa.

Children’s garden

Children's Garden

Children's Garden

Children's Garden

Starter Pot making

Starter Pot making

Starter pot making tool

Starter pot making tool

Starter pot

Starter pot

Starter pot

After the lecture, I walked trail and enjoyed short hike.



Baby sheep

Administration Office






2015/01/01 Happy New Year!

We celebrated Happy New Year with few Japanese new year dishes.

New Years Dish

Clear Soup

Clear Soup

Buratta Italian Cheese, my favorite

Buratta Cheese

New Year Dish

New Year Dish

New Year Dish


2015/12/30 My Birthday Dinner

We celebrated my birthday and my younger son cooked birthday dinner for me!

He prepared Tomato Hot Pot & Ostrich Live and Kudu pate which is his souvenir from Africa

Tomato Hot Pot

Kudu & Ostrich Liver pate

Kudu & Ostrich Liver pate

Ingredients, carrot, onion, chicken, green onion, celery roots, mushrooms, cabbage, Italian parsley,

Ingredients, carrot, onion, chicken, green onion, celery roots, mushrooms, cabbage, Italian parsley, Potato,


Tomato Hot Pot dinner

Tomato Hot Pot, lots of vegetables and he made chicken broth from scratch and used my house grown tomato paste, healthy and tasty!

Tomato Hot Pot

Tomato Hot Pot

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

OMG, he gave me rose flowers too!

Rose flower

My husband gave me a printer & my older son gave me massage gift card too.