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2017/02/05 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today at my house since my husband is traveling this weekend.

I had young Indian couple and they are very interested in how to make tasty sushi at home.

Today’s menu is Hand Wrap Sushi/Inside Out Roll/Miso Soup/Green vegetable with Salt Koji.

They understood that making tasty sushi rice is very important for sushi making process. I used house grown Turnip for miso soup.

Insie out roll prep

Green vegetable with salt koji prep

Today’s Dish

2016/06/11 Vegetable Garden

Finally vegetables growing so fast and can not catch up to cook all of them. Some of them start flowering….

These are growing now.


Fudansou/Japanese green leafy vegetable



Bok choy


Japanese Cucumber

Japanese PumpkinCIMG0011

Chayote SquashCIMG0013


Runner Beans

Spaghetti Squash

Red Shiso


Black Soy Bean


2016/02/20 Silicon Valley Grows Meetup @Hidden Villa

I joined Silicon Valley Grows Meetup @Hidden Villa today. This is the lecture and hands on activity for “Growing and Saving Open Pollinating Pea Seeds”.

This is the first time to visit Hidden Villa.

Children’s garden

Children's Garden

Children's Garden

Children's Garden

Starter Pot making

Starter Pot making

Starter pot making tool

Starter pot making tool

Starter pot

Starter pot

Starter pot

After the lecture, I walked trail and enjoyed short hike.



Baby sheep

Administration Office






2015/12/25 Last snapshot of Vegetable Garden

I had been growing organic vegetables for six years since 2009 in community garden plot in San Jose. But the community garden belongs to school’s property and the school will expand grades starting next year. So the school district needs more land and decided to use community garden plot for school.

I broke down railing and moved pole brace to friends house who want to make front yard vegetable garden.

Vegetable garden

I harvested Komatsuna today, and made Komatsuna with sesame dish. Even it is very big but still tender and tasty.




2013/11/11 Yahoo Lunch

My older son invited me to lunch @Yahoo. There are so many variety for lunch menu.

I choose followings;

baked herb trout with rustic huckleberry-balsamic sauce,

steamed kale,

sautéed parsnips and carrots,

Baked herb traut

bay scallops and orange-saffron whole wheat couscous

Marinated salmon

Wakame seawead

Bay scallops


Very tasty and healthy too!

Also the system is sustainable and there was a compost in the cafeteria.


2012/07/24 Baby Geese

I started new job in June, and there is a nice little side walk along a small lake near from the office.

I saw many geese and little baby geese today. They are so cute!





2012/03/20 Plum Tree Flower

Normally plum tree flower blooms December & January every year.

But it blooms in March this year with plum at the same time.

Japanese Plum flower


Because it’s too cold for March???

Japanese Plum flower

2011/07/25 Can we eat to starve cancer?

My family doctor recommended this video. I would like to share.


Antiangiogenic Foods


The concept that intake foods cures our body is a common sense in Japan.

That’s the reason that it is very important what you eat daily basis.

We can eat to stay healthy or to get disease, and this is your choice.