2010/06/23 Healthy Japanese Cooking Demo @Shirakawa CC

Today I had the first hands-on cooking class @Shirakawa community center. I was told only 3 people signed up but actually I had 8~10 people showed up total. I did hands-on class for two people first, then more people joined later. I did another hands-on class for second round.

I made Buckwheat Noodle Salad today. Everyone did not know about Japanese Buckwheat Noodle and they were very interested in new item today. Also I explained that Buckwheat noodle is very healthy because it contains lots of essential amino acid which we can not synthesize  in our body and must take in from out side.

Two people were high cholesterol and they could not eat egg, I told them that you could substitute with fried tofu for egg.


Buckwheat noodle salad


Today was the first class and I did not know about the kitchen and equipment, so I was little nervous but so far it did went well and everyone enjoyed buckwheat noodle salad very much.

I will have two more introductory class on 6/25, 6/30, and regular class start on July 7.


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