2010/06/30 Cooking Demo @Shirakawa Community Center

I had the third cooking demo on 6/30 and I made brown rice ball. The fillings are light salted salmon and plum pickles.

Ingredients/Brown rice, Sea salt, Dried laver seaweed,

Brown rice ball ingredients


Plum pickles/I make plum pickles every year. This is a highly alkaline food and taste very sour and good for your health because it will help to balance your body’s acidity to alkaline. This is a healthy Japanese traditional food. Also plum pickles will never go bad in room temperature and you can keep it forever. Sometimes this is found in the ancient tomb in Japan.

Pickled plum


Daikon pickles/dried and seasoned dikon, this is a common garnish for rice ball in Japan.

Pickled daikon


Brown rice ball/We make rice ball with white rice in Japan, but I like brown rice because it is more healthy. I brought my rice cooker this time because brown rice is better taste cooked in rice cooker or presser cooker than regular pot.

Brown rice ball












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