2011/04/24 Bamboo Shoot/Gluten Free Cooking

I had April cooking class today and the menu is Bamboo shoot/Gluten free  cooking class.

Menu is

Bamboo Shoot Brown Rice

Baked Bamboo shoot/Fried tofu/Konjac

Bamboo shoot salad

Miso soup with snap peas and mitsuba leaves from vegetable garden

Rice dumpling/Kashiwa mochi

Fresh bamboo shoot is in season now and only available  for short time flame, so this is very menu. When bamboo shoot season has over, you can still use boiled bamboo shoot in a package.

I shared my bamboo story when I lived in Okayama prefecture in Japan after I married with my husband. I grew up in Tokyo area and moved to Okayama prefecture after I married, it was big life style change  from city to country area. We lived in company’s complex housing, and there was a bamboo forest behind our building.  When bamboo season comes, I went to bamboo forest and dug out bamboo shoots. If I dig bamboo shoot in the morning, I can eat raw bamboo shoot during same day. So when my parents visited us in spring time, I dug bamboo shoot in the morning and served it as a bamboo “sashimi” for dinner to my parents. It does impressed them so much because that was first time they ate bamboo shoot “sashimi”.

Today’s dishes

Bamboo shoot dishes

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