2011/07/20 Summer Vegetable Dishes class

I had Summer vegetable dishes class @Deborah’s Palm. I had two new attendees to this class.

That’s is very nice to have new people to join my class.

Menu is:

*Deep fried summer vegetables season with concentrated soup stock

Thinly cut carrot, burdock, Japanese pumpkin and Japanese eggplant.

Deep fried them, season with concentrated soup stock made from dried kelp and bonito flakes.

This is simple, easy and handy dish if you make a certain amount. Because you can keep in a refrigerator for one week or so, and you can serve as a side dish for breakfast too.


*Tofu & vegetable stir fry/Tofu Chanburu

This is a special dish in Okinawa area in Japan using a bitter melon/Gouya.

Bitter melon taste pretty bitter, if you do not like bitter taste you can use Komatsuna leaf or bell pepper instead.

Okinawa foods are very healthy and this is the reason people in Okinawa area lives longer life than other area in Japan.


Fried and seasoned Summer vegetable & Tofu chanburu



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