2015/04/25 Bamboo Shoot Rice Cooking Class

I taught Bamboo rice cooking class today @Deborah’s Palm. The limit of this class was 5 people and I had full students plus one person on the wait list for the first time!

I had my tennis friend and her mom, and also I had a my co-worker to this class. We had a fun class.

Everyone was so focused on healthy diet, and lots of discussion during the lecture “How to eat healthy” before class.

Today’s menu is Bamboo brown rice, Clear soup with bamboo, Simmered Tofu Lee/Okara, Green vegetable with sesame.

Sansho leaf was kind of surprising to everyone which will have strong flavor when you hit it.

Bamboo rice class

Bamboo rice class

Everyone really enjoyed healthy food, but unfortunately these are not available at restaurants.

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