2015/10/03 Home Style Sushi Class

I taught Home Style Sushi Class @Deborah’s Palm in Palo Alto.

Today’s menu is

Home Style Brown Rice Sushi

Miso Soup

Green Vegetable with Sesame

Originally I had three students for this class but one student could not make it. So I had young German couple to my class.

We chat little bit before class start and talked about my cooking background, and about my family etc….

When I talked about my younger son who lives in Germany for six years, the husband asked me where my son live in Germany.

I told him the small city name my son lives.

Then, OMG, the husband told me that his cousin is a professor at the university which my son is studying doctoral course!

What a small world. When I talked to my son by phone, I told him this story. He was surprised too, because even many German does not know the small city name.

Home Style Sushi Class

Home Style Sushi