2017/12/23-2018/01/01 Japan Trip

My husband decided to host memorial ceremony for his parents on 12/24, so all family members and some relatives got together at temple in Japan.

12/26-12/28 Kawaguchiko

After ceremony, I and my younger son traveled to Kawaguchiko and enjoyed hot springs, scenic view of Mt. Fuji, and vegetable dinner @Romarin which owner chef grew his own vegetables in his 3500 sq ft farm.

12/29-12/31 Tokyo


We celebrated my birthday and younger son’s birthday in Takatano Baba, Tokyo. I took retro tram from Minowa to Waseda before birthday dinner which is only operated this area in Tokyo.


2017/12/16 Japanese Soba Noodle Soup Class

I taught hot soba noodle soup class on Saturday, I found this is a surprise Christmas gift to customer’s wife. She was really surprised and enjoyed cooking class. Original recipe at Cozymeal was cold soba noodle with Tempura for Summer season. So I changed menu to Winter version which is hot soba noodle soup.

2017/11/24-12/03 Germany Trip

I traveled to Germany during Thanks Giving Holidays and visited Munich, Whittenberg, Dresden.

11/24-11/25 Munich

I stayed my son’s apartment, visited Pinakothek Der Moderne and enjoyed shopping.

11/26 Whittenberg

Since 2017 is commemorating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth, I traveled to his home town Whittenberg and visited Martin Luther’s House, saw the 95 theses church door.

11/27 Konigsten

I traveled to Konigstein and visited Festing Konigstein. Since this is off-season now, shuttle bus does not operated and I took trail to Festing Konigstein.


11/28-11/29 Krippen

I stayed in Krippen and enjoyed mountain hike to Schmilka & Kurort Gohrisch.

Mt. Papststein

11/30-12/2 Dresden

I and my son visited Schloss Wackerbarth and enjoyed Christmas Market.


2017/10/21 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi Class tonight. I harvested Turnips, Komatsuna green leaf, Shiso leaf from vegetable garden this morning and used these vegetables in cooking class.

For my surprising, they visited Japan before and they have chopsticks, soy sauce and pickled ginger at home. Also they can speak some Japanese. So they love sushi and would like to know how to make it.

2017/10/15 Vegetable Garden

After two weeks absence in Japan, all vegetables in my garden grew so well. I harvested 20 Chayote Squash, 20 Turnips, bowl of Black Soy Bean.

Right after I harvested Black Soy Bean, rinse them and boil them. Taste so good! Yum!


2017/09/24-10/08 Japan Trip

I visited Japan to join my dad’s memorial event after the seventh year he past away. Since this is only once trip to Japan this year, I traveled to Naoshima, Nara and Kiitanabe in Japan.


09/25-09/27 Naoshima

I traveled to Naoshima with my mom where I wanted to visit long time since we lived in Okayama prefecture in Japan. This is Benesse Art Museum Island which is located in Kagawa prefecture. We stayed one of museum building which we stay and enjoy modern art in the building.


09/29 Birthday Dinner @Yoshimura

We celebrated my mom’s birthday one month earlier since our family gathered in Japan for my dad’s memorial event from Germany & United States.


10/03-10/04 Nara

I traveled to Nara with my university alumni friends. We were just keep talking and really enjoyed re-union after long time taking care of our family & parents. We stayed traditional Japanese Ryokan called Tsukihi-Tei which is located in primary forest and only take 3 groups per day.


10/4-10/6 Kiitanabe

After I enjoyed trip with my friends, I traveled to Kiitanabe myself to visit Minakata Kumazusu related places such as Kenshou-kan, his former house, Toukei-Shurine, Tsugisakura-Oji, Ippousugi. I walked Kumanokodo from Gyubaoji to Ippousugi.

2017/07/30 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi Class at customer’s house in Santa Cruz. Their house is located right next to Santa Cruz beach, and for my surprising, it was so cool over there around 60F.

This is her boyfriend’s birthday gift class since he loves sushi & fish. I harvested huge Japanese Cucumber, shiso leaf, turnip for this class. Japanese Cucumber is so fresh and crunchy!

Hand Wrap Sushi

2017/07/22 Pickled Plum

My friend gave me house grown Japanese plums. I made pickled plum in May.

After I harvested red shiso leaves, I soaked into pickled plum liquid to make them nice bright purple color.

I dried pickled plum under the sun for three days.


2017/07/02-07/14 Germany Trip

I traveled German Fairy Tale Route and Saxon Swiss mountains. I traveled Germany many times during X’mas market season, this is the first time traveled to Germany in Summer. Because I wanted to visit Saxon Swiss for mountain hike & I wanted to see Water Game @Wilhelmshuhe Castle Park.

2017/07/02 Hanau

I traveled to Hanau where Grimm brothers were born. I saw musical “Fisherman & his wife”, it was so much fun.

2017/07/03 Steinau

I traveled to Steinau where Grimm brothers spend their childhood. There is Grimm Brother’s Museum where they lived. My son picked me up at Hanau hotel and drove to his house in Gotha.

2017/07/04 Marburg

I traveled to Marburg where Grimm brothers studied Marburg university. I visited Elisabeth Church, Old Town Hall, Castle.

2017/07/05 Leipzig

I traveled to Leipzig first time and visited Stazi Museum, Contemporary History Museum, Cafe Baum where many musician visited, and had lunch @Auerbachs Keller which started in 1525. I saw Mephisto attraction during lunch.

2017/07/06-07/08 Saxon Swiss

I and my son took train to Kurort Rathen and stayed there for two nights, visited Bastei Bridge, climbed Rundweg mountain. We enjoyed mountain hike for three days.

2017/07/09 Kassel

We traveled to Kassel where Grimm brothers spent time for publishing many books. We saw Water Game attraction @Wilhelmshohe, World Heritage Castle park. I visited Grimm Welt, Grimm Platz.

2017/07/10 Documenta in Kassel

Luckily “Documenta” was held during our visit which will be held in every five years. We saw many modern art exhibits.

2017/07/11-07/13 Bremen

We traveled to Bremen where is famous place for “Musician in Bremen” fairy tale. We joined City Hall guided tour which is the world heritage, Bettcher Street, Schnoor Street, Paula Becker’s Museum.

2017/07/13 Worpswede

We traveled to Worpswede where Paula & Otto lived and started art work. This is artist historical village you can visit museums & you can see art works. We visited Paula Becker’s museum, The Barkenhoff, Zion’s Church, Paula’s grave.

2017/06/24 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi Class on June 24th at their place. One of them has vegetable texture issue and had request to change menu from green vegetable with sesame to something else. I thought if he does like leafy vegetable texture I could change to Japanese pumpkin dish. So I substitute Japanese Pumpkin dish and he liked it! It was challenge for me, but I am glad it worked out well. I brought Japanese cucumber & Turnip & Green Onion from my garden. I just picked, they are super fresh.