2019/03/31 Smoke Day

I went to garden and harvested peas, planted runner beans, pulled out pea to prepare summer vegetables. After I returned home smoked scallop, octopus, chicken, and salmon. Blue sky & perfect weather be outside today.

smoked scallop
smoked octopus
smoked chicken
smoked salmon

2019/03/30 Vegetable Chips

I purchased Watermelon Radish & Celery Roots from Eat with the Seasons.

I cook watermelon radish first time, so I searched how to cook watermelon radish. I saw article that it can eaten raw but has little bitter taste. So I decided to make chips. Outside is white but inside is pink color.

Watermelon Radish

watermelon radish chips

I smoked celery roots last time but it was not tasty. So I made chips too. This is very tasty!

2019/03/24 Re-plant vegetables

After I finished cooking class in San Francisco, I returned home and re-planted vegetables. Finally I finished all re-plant vegetables today. I just need to wait them grow to re-plant in vegetable garden.

2019/03/24 The Art of Sushi Class

I had request for The Art of Sushi class as a birthday gift to the customer’s boyfriend. They invited another couple to this class, so I had four people in my class. I drove up to San Francisco again and luckily I did not need to park on steep street this time. They are fun group and we laugh a lot in the class.

2019/03/17 Smoke Day

Finally I had time this weekend to replant which I seeded end of February.

I smoke vegetables, squid, chicken and salmon today. I enjoyed nice weather in backyard. When next door neighbor came back, he told me “Smells like camp fire!” and I replied “Yes, I smoke today!”

Celery Roots, Kohlrabi, Parsnips, Squid

2019/03/03 Miso making

I made miso today after few years break.

This is Miso 2019

Miso 2019

Will wait for one year fermentation to become tasty miso.

2019/03/02 Girl’s Day Dinner

I invited my friend to Girl’s Day Dinner since she brought me Hina Arare from Japan which is traditional snack for Girl’s Day celebration.

Girl’s Day dinner

Hina Arare

2019/02/23 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class for young couple’s movie night. We celebrate Girl’s day in Japan to wish girl’s healthy happy life on March 3rd, displaying Hina Doll and serving ball sushi. So I included ball sushi in the menu. I harvested Trefoil, Komatsuna, Green onion from garden in the morning.

This is Hina Doll I made when my kids are little to play.

Hand made Hina Doll

This is my Hina Doll which my parents bought for me.

This is my mom’s Hina Doll which is antique about 86 years old.

The Art of Sushi with Ball Sushi

2019/02/17 Sowing Seeds

I joined Seeds class and sowed seeds today. Originally I plan to buy small greenhouse but changed my mind after today’s class.


2019/01/12 The Art of Sushi Class

I received booking request from customer as his girl friend’s birthday gift. They live in San Francisco so I drove up there, but this is really first time to drive up hill on cable car rail road and parked slope. I harvested Turnips, Komatsuna, Green Onion from garden in the morning and used for this class. They love sushi and also they really enjoyed super fresh vegetables too.

The art of sushi