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2016/08/27 Vegetables from garden

I harvested tomatoes, Japanese cucumbers, Japanese bell pepper, Cabbage from garden.

I seeded about 10 different kind of tomatoes this year. All grew so well and overflowing now.


I like Wild Bore tomato flavor, so I seeded them a lot. We visited The Wild Bore Firm and tasted tomatoes and purchased which we like, kept seed and grew them every year.

Wild Bore Tomato

I made tomato soup with only tomato & salt koji. Very simple but so tasty!

Tomato soup

I harvested rhubarb from balcony & purchased some from store, cooked with sugar to paste.


I made Rhubarb paste and dehydrated to jello sheet.

Rhubarb Jello Sheet

Picked some figs from garden and dehydrated to dried figs.

Dried fig