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2017/06/04 Summer Vegetable Garden

Summer vegetable garden, finally vegetables started to grow after chilly Spring. I am so happy all vegetables growing so well and I am so grateful I could keep cooking these vegetables for my daily dishes.

Chayote Squash growing so well.

Japanese pumpkin growing well too.

Red Shiso leaf is volunteer growing from last year. 

Cabbage sharing with bugs


Japanese Cucumber

Fava Bean

Japanese Eggplant


Black Soy Bean









2010/06/04 Fava Bean & Okara Cake

I harvested last fava beans. Stir-fry them with asparagus like “The Basin’s” dish. Boiled asparagus and fava beans first. Slice garlic, stir-fry asparagus and fava beans, and salt and pepper to taste.

Stir fry















I served with beef stew and simmered green leaf with sesame for dinner.

Asparagus Fava bean & stew















I baked Okara & rice flour cake too. No wheat flour, no butter so very healthy. Whole loaf.

Okara cake















Slice with whipping cream/Irish style.

Slice with cream

2010/05/10 Vegetable Garden Diary

I seeded & planted Bosnian tomato this year, but it is very cold this Spring and did not grow well.

Bosnian tomato















Other tomatoes are growing

Early girl















Yellow tomato















Eggplant did not grow well last year, hope it will grow well this year.
































Salad burdock, I already harvested last fall but still growing now.

Salad burdock















Rhubarb is growing well.
















Fava bean

Fava bean




2010/04/30 Beans, Butter Lettuce, Fava Beans

When I returned from Ireland, beans grew so much!

Salad leaf & beans















Beans with sesame dressing/Goma ae, boil beans and just marinated with sesame dressing.

Beans w sesame















Some beans grew so big and I harvested green peas.

Green Peas, take out from the shell

Boiled greenpeas















Green peas brown rice, just mixed in boiled green peas to cooked brown rice.

It is very tasty!

Greenpeas brown rice















Simmered Fava bean with Japanese seasonings, dashi, soy sauce, mirin

If I pick fresh vaf

Fava beans















Simmered pork/Kakuni butter lettuce wrap

Pork saladleaf wrap
















2010/04/17 Miso Soup & Fava Bean

Miso soup with sugar peas and wakame seaweed.

Wakame seaweed is a seaweed which contains vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Very healthy zero calorie food.

Bean wakame miso soup

















Fava bean & Buk choy
















Fava bean















Stir fried fava bean

Stir fry Fava bean
















Fava bean















This is very tasty with kelp tea/Kobu cha


2010/03/09 Vegetable Garden Diary

Vegetable garden in early spring.

Broccoli, I planted 6 broccoli this year
















Buk Choi

Buk choy















Chives, this is garlic chives
















Fava Bean, first try this year

Fava bean















Komatsuna Green, this is Japanese green leaf vegetable, very handy and tasty too
















Onion, yellow onion and will be ready few more month
















Rubharb, last fall when I planted rubharb, it died. I tried to plant second time.

I hope it will grow well this year
















Butter Lettuce, this is very tender and tasty

Butter lettuce















Snap Peas, direction said do not have bine but actually  they do.

Snap pea















Sugar Peas, they grew so well this year, I harvested a lots.

Sugar pea
















Turnip is a root and leaf both edible vegetable, root can be cooked simmered, pickled. Leaf can be cooked pickled.