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2016/11/24-12/05 Germany Trip

I visited my son in Germany and enjoyed X’mas Market traveling in Germany.

11/24-11/25 Fulda

I visited Fulda Castle, Dom and Museum.

11/26 Hann Munden, Trendelburg Dornroschenschloss, Sababurg Castle

My son got job and he lives in apartment, I stayed his room started on 11/25. He has a car too. We drove to Hann Munden and visited Trendelburg Dornroschenschloss, and stayed Sababurg Castle where “Sleeping Beauty” tale by Grimm was set.

11/27 Sababurg, Bad Sooden Allendorf

Sababurg Castle is very nice setting to stay located top of hill, surrounded by trees, there is beautiful garden and outdoor theater.

We stopped by Bad Sooden Allendorf, swam in saltwater pool.

11/28-11/30 Dresden, Meisen

I took train to Dresden and visited Kunsthofpassage, Pfunds Molkerei (which is famous as the most beautiful milk shop), Albrechtburg castle, and Old Age X’mas market.

11/30 Weimar

I stopped over Weimar and visited Anna Amalia Library, Stadtschloss, Bauhaus Museum

12/1 Eisenach

I took train to Eisenach and took bus to Wartburg castle, the most valuable world heritage which made a significant mark on world history. Visited Luther Haus too.

12/2 Erfurt

My son took day-off for me and guided me to Erfurt, we visited Kromer bridge which is the oldest and longest bridge built houses  on.

12/3 Gotha

My son drove me to his company and gave me a tour. Then we visited Gotha Castle and museum.

2012/11/18-12/06 Trip to Germany & Strasbourg

I traveled to South Germany & Strasbourg for three weeks and returned home on 12/06. The first week, I & older son & younger son three of us traveled together. The second week, younger son stays in Freiburg and I & older son travel together. The third week, older son returned to US and I traveled by myself.

I posted photos below.

2012/11/18-11/20 Heidelberg

2012/11/20-11/22 Strasbourg

2012/11/22-11/24 Freiburg

2012/11/25-11/26 Fussen

2012/11/27-11/30 Munchen

2012/12/1-12/2 Nurnberg

2012/12/2-12/3 Rothenburg

2012/12/4-12/5 Wurzburg