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2016/12/25-2017/01/02 Japan Trip

I traveled to Japan and spent time with my mom and my relatives. Also I traveled to Kawaguchiko and visited Wind Cave, walked trail to Ice Cave through extended Aokigahara forest, visited Iyashino Sato Nenba, enjoyed beautiful Mt. Fuji scenery. Also after I and my mom tasted “Kikuimo” in my birthday course dinner first time, I found “Kikuimo” in Iyashino Sato Nenba. So I purchased it and stir fry them.

Wind CaveAokigahara extensive forestIce Cave

2014/11/19-12/01 Japan

I visited Japan for two weeks, enjoyed beautiful fall color change and traveled to Kawaguchiko with my mom for her 82 years birthday.

I stayed one night at Haneda Airport since the flight arrived midnight. I met tennis friend at Tsukiji outer market, had nice sushi breakfast.

Kawaguchiko area was still beautiful color change view, we enjoyed nice view for the Mt. Fuji, Onsen/Hot spring, nice high quality dinner and fun museums.


2012/04/11-04/23 Japan

I flew to Japan on 4/10, arrived on 4/11.

2012/04/11-04/23 Japan

2012/01/05 Roppongi/Monzen Nakacho

I went to Toukaido 53tsugi exhibit by Hiroshige at Suntry Museum in Roppongi. It was fun exhibit I really enjoyed it. After I saw the exhibit, I had a lunch at Fumuroya which is a famous wheat gluten store.

Simmered wheat gluten bowl




I visited Monzennakachou which was very crowded for new year shrine visit.

Shrine entrance gate/torii

Stores on the road to shrine



Fried dumpling


Good luck doll/Daruma


2011/12/26 Yumura Hot Springs

I traveled Yumura hot springs  12/26-12/29/2011.


20111226 Yumura Hot Springs

2011/12/22 Ningyou cho/Kiyosumi/Terakoya Xmas lunch

I returned Japan again for my dad’s 49th day memorial event.


20111222 Ningyou cho/Kiyosumi/Terakoya Xmas lunch


2011/11/10-29 Japan Trip/Kawagoe, Kiyosumi, Ise-Toba

My dad past away on 11/8 peacefully. I returned Japan on 11/10, finished his funeral.

On the next day, a big red rose bloomed  and …….big moth stayed on the rose long time…















2011/11/10-29 Japan Trip/Kawagoe, Kiyosumi, Ise-Toba



2011/09/01 Walk in Kawagoe, Japan

I visited Kawagoe which is old town in Saitama prefecture. I walked around to see old fashioned town which still has old fashioned houses.(Kura style)

2011/09/01 Walk in Kawagoe, Japan

2011/08/22-09/05 Lunch a la Carte in Japan

2011/08/23 Lunch @Mother’s

My dad is sick and hospitalized, I returned Japan on 8/22.

2011/08/22-09/05 Lunch a la carte in Japan

2011/03/8-3/24 Japan Trip/Earthquake, Tsunami & Wedding

I visited Japan from 3/8-3/24 and I was in Japan when the earthquake hit Touhoku area on 3/11. I was walking near from local station and I could not keep walking because the ground was so shaky. I had to stop walking and everyone stopped walking too. It was long earthquake around 5 minutes and I knew there was a huge “Tsunami” attacked


2011/03/8-3/24 Japan Trip/Earthquake, Tsunami & Wedding