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2013/05/13 Spring Vegetable Garden

Now spring vegetable garden looks like this. Finally vegetables started growing for one month.

Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden

1st row1st row

1st row

 Runner BeanRunner bean

Runner bean

 Boir Tomato, I seeded in February and grew in balcony, but still very small.Boir tomato

Boir tomato


JP Cucumber, I seeded but only one came out and I bought two plants.JP cucumber

JP cucumber


Spaghetti squash, I seeded in February, now growing everyday.Spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash


JP PumpkinJP Pumpkin

JP Pumpkin

 2nd row2nd row

2nd row

 Komatsuna, seeded few weeks ago, snails are eating. I hope they grow fast enough before got eaten.Komatsuna




 Cabbage, seeded last Nov. and finally start growing.Cabbage


 Green Onion and Chives, over grown and keep them for seed for next year.Green onion

Green onion

 3rd row3rd row

3rd row

 Cherry Tomato, seeded in February but still very small.Cherry tomato

Cherry tomato

 JP Eggplant, bought two plants because seeded one but did not grow well.JP Eggplant

JP Eggplant

 Red Shiso leaf, voluntarily came out and grew so well.Red shiso

Red shiso

 4th row4th row

4th row

 Bell Pepper, bought one plant because seeded one did not grow well.Bell pepper

Bell pepper

 Celery, grew so big now. I made deep fried celery leaf which was very tasty.Celery


 Morocco BeanMorocco Bean

Morocco Bean








2013/04/26 Spring Vegetable Garden

I seeded tomatoes and eggplant in balcony, but they did not grow well since balcony does not have enough sunshine.

So I decided to plant in the garden when they still small.

Bore tomato

Bore tomato

Bore tomato


Japanese Cucumber, Pumpkin

JP Cucumber, JP Pumpkin

JP Cucumber, JP Pumpkin


Bell Pepper and Cabbage. I bought bell pepper plant.

Bell Pepper, Cabbage

Bell Pepper, Cabbage


Eggplant, tomato, shiso.

Eggplant, tomato, shiso

Eggplant, tomato, shiso
















2012/09/19 Japanese Pumpkin, Tomato

I harvested four Japanese pumpkins this year.

Japanese Pumpkin


Lots of tomatoes and Zucchini

Tomatoes and Zucchini


Avocado & Tomato Salad

Avocado & Tomato Salad



2012/07/28 Vegetable Garden

This if the snap shot for the vegetable garden now.

Runner Bean exceptionally well grown.

Runner Bean


Green shiso grew from seed last year naturally.

Green shiso


Peanuts is growing, I seeded first time.



Japanese Cucumber

Japanese Cucumber


Spaghetti Squash, I planted spaghetti squash, Japanese pumpkin, and zucchini in a same plot. Spaghetti squash is yellow color. I think this is the hybrid kind.

Spaghetti squash


Japanese pumpkin

Japanese pumpkin


Tomatoes, I seeded so many kinds of tomatoes this year. I do not know which is which. Tomatoes are very slow this year.



Red shiso, I pulled out all red shiso and just left 2 of them for seed.

Red shiso





Salad Burdock

Salad Burdock


Morocco Bean grew very well and I harvested a lot,  enjoy Morocco bean every day.

Morocco bean

2011/10/08 Managing Stress Cooking Demo

I did “Managing Stress cooking demo” @Akiyama WC and I had more than 20 people.

2011/10/08 Managing Stress Cooking Demo


2011/09/29 Simmered Pumpkin Demo Class

I had simmered pumpkin demo class @Akiyama WC.


2011/09/29 Simmered Pumpkin Demo Class

2011/09/28 Simmered Pumpkin Workshop

I had Simmered pumpkin workshop @Degorah’s Palm.

2011/09/28 Simmered pumpkin workshop



2011/08/20 Open House & Cooking Demo

I joined the Open House & did cooking demo @Deborah’s palm.

I cooked mushroom brown rice for sample tasting & did cooking demo making simmered Japanese pumpkin.

This is my table setting

Demo Table


Displayed cook book too.

Healthy Soshoku cook book


Mushroom Brown Rice/for tasting

Mushroom Brown Rice


Simmered Japanese Pumpkin

Simmered Japanese Pumpkin


I had many visitors to my booth and some people signed up the cooking class too.





2011/08/12 Yellow Tail & Vegetables from Organic Garden

My husband’s friend gave us super fresh yellow tail which her husband got fishing.

Yellow tail Sashimi














I harvested black soy bean, Japanese cucumber, Japanese pumpkin, eggplant, belle pepper, butter lettuce, Mizuna leaf, Morocco bean and green onion from vegetable garden.















Just boiled fresh black soy beans, very sweet and crunchy.

Black soy bean














Just cut Japanese cucumber and serve with kelp tea, very crunchy and tasty.

Japanese cucumber



























2011/08/09 Japanese Pumpkin Curry & Belle Pepper Stir Fry

I harvested Japanese pumpkin from vegetable garden.

Japanese pumpkin














Cut in half, but it is too early to harvest and still very soft and watery.

Japanese pumpkin cut














Simmered Japanese pumpkin, too watery still.

Simmered Japanese pumpkin














I cooked Japanese pumpkin curry used another half, and this turned out pretty good.

Pumpkin curry














I made pork stir fry with kimchee & belle pepper from vegetable garden.

Stir fry bell pepper