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2018/01/20 Soba Noodle Soup Class

I taught Soba Noodle soup class and I had request for vegetarian version. I already explained that soba noodle soup made from dried bonito flakes and they understood it is not perfectly vegetarian dish.

I brought Trefoil, green onion, Japanese pumpkin, Chayote squash and green leafy vegetable(Fudansou) from my garden.

They made soba noodle with Trefoil, green onion and green leafy vegetable. Also they made onion, Japanese pumpkin, Chayote squash tempura. Especially his wife really enjoyed lots of fresh vegetables from my garden. Also I brought “Wasabi Salt” which I just bought from Japan in December and she liked it too.

Soba Noodle class

2015/07/18 Japanese Soba Noodle Class

I taught cold Japanese soba noodle class @Deborah’s Palm. I originally planed to have three students but ended up to four student.

Today’s menu is

Cold Japanese Soba noodle/Zaru Soba (Japanese)

Dipping Sauce (concentrated)

Vegetable tempura w/dried shrimp

“How to eat healthy diet” lecture first and followed by hand’s on cooking class.

I harvested green onion, trefoil, green shiso leaf from vegetable garden for this class.

Japanese soba noodle with dipping sauce