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2010/09/02 Bosnian Paprika & Tomato

I harvested some and the garden neighbor gave me Bosnian paprika and Bosnian tomatoes. There are green and yellow paprika.

Bosnian paprika, Komatsuna, Cucumber, Yellow pear tomato















Bosnian paprika hasĀ  rich flavor and crunchy texture.

Bosnian tomato, Bosnian paprika, Zucchini















I stir-fried with pork slice seasoned with garlic soy sauce & black pepper. Very good combination.

Bosnian paprika w pork















Bosnian tomato, very juicy, tender and tasty!

Bosnian tomato















Today’s dinner/Stir-fry Bosnian paprika with pork, Bosnian tomato, Soy beans, Eggplant salad, Broiled Sable fish marinated with miso paste, Komatsuna tofu chanburu.

All vegetables are house grown in my organic vegetable garden, very fresh and tasty.

today's dinner