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2014/10/18 Vegan Japanese Cooking Class @Deborah’s Palm

I taught Vegan Japanese Cooking Class @Deborah’s Palm. Because I had a request to make Inari Sushi from Japanese 2nd generation lady who is vegan. She attended today’s class with her son who is vegan too.

Menu is Inari Sushi, Miso Soup with Turnip, Green Vegetable with sesame

Vegan Japanese Cooking Class

Vegan Japanese Cooking Class

Inari Sushi, Miso Soup, Komatsuna with black sesame

Normally I use Kelp & Anchovies for miso soup stock, but I only used kelp for vegan miso soup today.

Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi

Vegan Japanese Cooking Class

Vegan Japanese Cooking Class

2014/09/20 Deborah’s Palm Cooking Class

I taught 2nd September Cooking Class today @Deborah’s Palm. One student even did not registered, just show up.


Deborah's Palm Kitchen

Deborah’s Palm Kitchen

Same menu today;

Home Style Sushi, Miso Soup, Pickled Vegetables

Home Style Sushi

Home Style Sushi

Home Style Sushi, Miso Soup

Home Style Sushi, Miso Soup

2014/09/06 September Cooking Class @Deborah’s Palm

I taught September Cooking Class @Deborah’s Palm today. I had full class total 5 people. We made Home style sushi, miso soup, pickled vegetables

The schedule is:

10am-11am    Lecture ” How to eat healthy”

11am-1:30pm Cooking Class & Tasting

I lectured “How to eat healthy” first time @Deborah’s Palm, everyone was pretty curious about healthy eating, kind of new idea how to eat healthy in this country but not ours. We have naturally some idea how to eat healthy because we grew up with many variety of products from sea, river, mountains, and land. Also we have Buddhism tradition which is the origin of simple diet=Soshoku.

Home style sushi

Home style sushi & Miso soup


2011/10/08 Managing Stress Cooking Demo

I did “Managing Stress cooking demo” @Akiyama WC and I had more than 20 people.

2011/10/08 Managing Stress Cooking Demo


2011/09/29 Simmered Pumpkin Demo Class

I had simmered pumpkin demo class @Akiyama WC.


2011/09/29 Simmered Pumpkin Demo Class

2011/09/28 Simmered Pumpkin Workshop

I had Simmered pumpkin workshop @Degorah’s Palm.

2011/09/28 Simmered pumpkin workshop



2011/08/10 Breakfast Sampler Cooking Workshop

I had Breakfast sampler cooking workshop @Deborah’s Palm.

Because one of my friend who took my cooking classes asked me about breakfast.

This is the typical Japanese style breakfast and I have home made soy yogurt with fruits addition to these.

Brown rice, miso soup, simmered green vegetable, scrumbled egg with dried anchovies, pickled plum.

Sometimes I add fermented soy bean too.

Breakfast Sampler

2011/05/11 Brown Rice Ball, Miso Soup Workshop

I had brown rice ball a la carte, miso soup cooking workshop @Deborah’s Palm in Palo Also on Wednesday, 5/11. I had my tennis friend and cooking class organizer as students.

Brown rice ball a la carte

Brown rice ball















Miso soup/potato, trefoil, snap peas

Miso soup

2011/04/24 Bamboo Shoot/Gluten Free Cooking

I had April cooking class today and the menu is Bamboo shoot/Gluten free  cooking class.

Menu is

Bamboo Shoot Brown Rice

Baked Bamboo shoot/Fried tofu/Konjac

Bamboo shoot salad

Miso soup with snap peas and mitsuba leaves from vegetable garden

Rice dumpling/Kashiwa mochi

Fresh bamboo shoot is in season now and only available  for short time flame, so this is very menu. When bamboo shoot season has over, you can still use boiled bamboo shoot in a package.

I shared my bamboo story when I lived in Okayama prefecture in Japan after I married with my husband. I grew up in Tokyo area and moved to Okayama prefecture after I married, it was big life style change  from city to country area. We lived in company’s complex housing, and there was a bamboo forest behind our building.  When bamboo season comes, I went to bamboo forest and dug out bamboo shoots. If I dig bamboo shoot in the morning, I can eat raw bamboo shoot during same day. So when my parents visited us in spring time, I dug bamboo shoot in the morning and served it as a bamboo “sashimi” for dinner to my parents. It does impressed them so much because that was first time they ate bamboo shoot “sashimi”.

Today’s dishes

Bamboo shoot dishes

2011/03/25 Trefoil from vegetable garden

When I returned from Japan trip, trefoil grew so much in the garden. So I harvested them.















Simmered trefoil and seasoned with soy sauce  and bonito flakes.

Trefoil with soysauce and bonito














I broiled Gindara marinated with sake lee with boiled Chinese cabbage from garden and home made plum dressing.

Gindara marinated in sake lee














Miso soup with daikon and shimeji mushroom. These are today’s healthy dinner.

Miso soup with daikon and shimeji