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2011/08/12 Yellow Tail & Vegetables from Organic Garden

My husband’s friend gave us super fresh yellow tail which her husband got fishing.

Yellow tail Sashimi














I harvested black soy bean, Japanese cucumber, Japanese pumpkin, eggplant, belle pepper, butter lettuce, Mizuna leaf, Morocco bean and green onion from vegetable garden.















Just boiled fresh black soy beans, very sweet and crunchy.

Black soy bean














Just cut Japanese cucumber and serve with kelp tea, very crunchy and tasty.

Japanese cucumber



























2011/08/07 Buckwheat Noodle Salad

I harvested Japanese cucumber, Mizuna/Japanese mustard, Mulukhiyah, Butter lettuce, Morocco bean from organic vegetable garden.


Morocco bean, Mizuna, Mulukhiyah














Buckwheat Noodle salad

Buckwheat noodle salad

2011/7/18 Summer Vegetable Garden Diary

Summer vegetable garden now

Summer vegetable garden















Big Flower Bean, has beautiful red flower

Common bean















Bosnian Tomato/It was cold spring this year, tomato grows slowly.
















Japanese Eggplant/I harvested 2 eggplant this year, Japanese eggplant has less seeds and tender.

JP Eggplant















Japanese Bell Pepper/smaller than US one. I harvested 3 already. I planted first time, so far so good.

JP Bell pepper















Black Soy Bean/Japanese Hokkaido origin.

Black soy bean















Japanese Pumpkin/I seeded and finally they have some fruits.

JP pumpkin















Red Shiso/I already used red shiso for pickled plum on July 1st and posted to Pickled Plum & Red Shiso

Red shiso















Moloheiya/I seeded Moloheiya in late May, but it did not grow until July because of the cold weather.

Contains dietary fiber, carotene,  vitamin B1, B2, C, calcium, iron. Very powerful vegetable!
















Okura/I seeded in April, but did not grow because of the cold weather.

Finally starts growing.
















Spaghetti Squash/I got seed from Japan and tried first time.

They already have some fruits.

Spaghetti squash















Potherb Mustard/contains vitamin A, C, E, carotene,  iron, calcium.

I seeded first time, grow pretty well.
















Butter Lettuce/grow very well, I harvest almost everyday now.

Butter lettuce















Petit Tomato/grow and have some fruits slow this year, I just picked few.

Petit tomato















Morocco Bean/grew well and has lots of beans now.

I just could not see them because spaghetti squash leaves.

Morocco bean