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2017/06/04 Summer Vegetable Garden

Summer vegetable garden, finally vegetables started to grow after chilly Spring. I am so happy all vegetables growing so well and I am so grateful I could keep cooking these vegetables for my daily dishes.

Chayote Squash growing so well.

Japanese pumpkin growing well too.

Red Shiso leaf is volunteer growing from last year. 

Cabbage sharing with bugs


Japanese Cucumber

Fava Bean

Japanese Eggplant


Black Soy Bean









2012/07/28 Vegetable Garden

This if the snap shot for the vegetable garden now.

Runner Bean exceptionally well grown.

Runner Bean


Green shiso grew from seed last year naturally.

Green shiso


Peanuts is growing, I seeded first time.



Japanese Cucumber

Japanese Cucumber


Spaghetti Squash, I planted spaghetti squash, Japanese pumpkin, and zucchini in a same plot. Spaghetti squash is yellow color. I think this is the hybrid kind.

Spaghetti squash


Japanese pumpkin

Japanese pumpkin


Tomatoes, I seeded so many kinds of tomatoes this year. I do not know which is which. Tomatoes are very slow this year.



Red shiso, I pulled out all red shiso and just left 2 of them for seed.

Red shiso





Salad Burdock

Salad Burdock


Morocco Bean grew very well and I harvested a lot,  enjoy Morocco bean every day.

Morocco bean