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2017/02/05 The Art of Sushi Class

I taught The Art of Sushi class today at my house since my husband is traveling this weekend.

I had young Indian couple and they are very interested in how to make tasty sushi at home.

Today’s menu is Hand Wrap Sushi/Inside Out Roll/Miso Soup/Green vegetable with Salt Koji.

They understood that making tasty sushi rice is very important for sushi making process. I used house grown Turnip for miso soup.

Insie out roll prep

Green vegetable with salt koji prep

Today’s Dish

2010/09/25 Dinner @Jinsho

Dinner @Jinsho

Our family had a dinner @Jinsho which is located in Palo Alto. This restaurant’s chefs worked at “Nobu restaurant” in New York before. Three of us shared these dishes.

This is “Omakase/Chef’s recommended course menu”

Tuna tar tar with caviar topping

Tuna tarutaru















Japanese flounder sashimi with sesame oil vinegrette dressing
















Hourse Mackerel sashimi with Yuzu daikon dressing
















Fried Rock shrimp with mayonnaise sauce

Rock shrimp















Sake lee marinated Alfonsino with foie gras/this was burned too much
















Chef’s a la carte sushi
















Roast Lamb

Lamb roast















Panna cotta

Panna cotta