2011/03/8-3/24 Japan Trip/Earthquake, Tsunami & Wedding

I visited Japan from 3/8-3/24 and I was in Japan when the earthquake hit Touhoku area on 3/11. I was walking near from local station and I could not keep walking because the ground was so shaky. I had to stop walking and everyone stopped walking too. It was long earthquake around 5 minutes and I knew there was a huge “Tsunami” attacked Touhoku ocean side. After the earthquake, there were many accidents at Fukushima nuclear No.1 plant. Because of the lack of electricity supply, we had blackout in Kantou area. We did not have power for 3 hours per day. All my appointments were canceled except my husband’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding.

It was the only happy event during my stay in Japan. It was very nice wedding held @Hotel Nikko Tokyo and both bride and groom looked so happy. All dishes of full dinner course were very nice too.


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