2013/10/6-10/21 Japan Trip

I was in Japan for 2 weeks to attend my dad’s memorial event for the third year who past away in 2011. Before the memorial event, I and my mom traveled to Shinshu area/Nagano prefecture. First day, we visited “Silent Museum/Mugon-Kan” which is the exhibit for the memorial paints and belongings from young university students who past away during the world war II. My mom’s uncle past away during the war too.

We stayed one night at “Bessho Hot Springs” and enjoyed Onsen/hot springs & tasty food. Then visited “Mayumi Takahashi’s Doll Museum” She expressed humanity through dolls modeled farming village in good old days Japan.

We visited “Zenko-ji” main building is a national treasure.

We stayed two nights at Karuizawa, enjoyed nature tour and seasonal Japanese cuisine. I and my mom really enjoyed this trip.


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