2015/09/11-0924 Italy

My younger son attended a conference in Rome, I and my husband flew to Rome, and three of us travel together in Rome and Florence.

We visited Panthenon, Vatican Museum, Cappella Sistina, San PIetro Basilica, Sant Angelo Castel, Colosseum, Foro Romano, walked Via Appia, Baths of Caracalla.

Also we saw Pope Francis and listened his speech in San Pietro Piazza.

2015/09/11-09/15 Rome

20150910-0915 Rome, Vatican

Trip to Italy/Rome, Firenze with Tsutomu & Hiroshi, and Pisa, Montelupo, Siena, Bologna with Hiroshi

2015/09/15-09/16 Firenze

20150915-0916 Firenze

Travel with T & H

2015/09/17 Pisa

20150917 Pisa

Travel myself

2015/09/18-09/20 Montelupo

We joined agriturismo and stayed Il Cavallone, took olive garden tour, vineyard tour, Italian cooking class. We really enjoyed Italian dinner with Italian tourists.

20150918-0920 Montelupo Agriturismo

Stayed Il Cavallone, learned how to make Tortellini, Biscotti, Pizza, Pesto sauce.
See olive garden, vineyard, olive oil press machine.

2015/09/21 Siena

20150921 Siena

2015/09/22 Bologna

20150922 Bologna

2015/09/23 Firenze

20150923 Firenze

Last day in Italy, I visited Medici Basilica, San Marco Museum, Central Market